How to Be a Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

How to Be a Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

Last week, we talked about how the arrival of summer means vacations and travel. The sun’s shining, flowers are blooming, school’s out, and life is good. Who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy it?! For those very same reasons, another very common summer occurrence is weddings!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “When you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.” After all, our very own South Carolina half, Deborah, did just that! Since many of us will find ourselves attending weddings in the coming months, today I’m sharing my tips for being a best-dressed guest at any summer wedding!

Beachy Keen


Oceanside ceremonies are very popular in the summer months, especially in Florida! The key to dressing for a beach wedding is to aim for casual elegance with comfort as your top priority. Cotton dresses are great for staying cool and slip on sandals make it easy to go barefoot on the sand. For a more chic beach look, think bold stripes and big floral patterns.

Garden Party


Beach weddings are beautiful but my favorite ceremonies are those that take place in a garden setting. I love how the bride’s wedding dress contrasts against a backdrop of vibrant green flora. Simply stunning! If you’re lucky enough to be attending a garden wedding this summer, try wearing a bright, lacy dress with a pair of block heels or open-toe wedges. That way your stilettos don’t get stuck in the ground by mistake!

Formal Affair


Maybe instead of an outdoor wedding, you’ve been invited to a more traditional or formal ceremony. Whether it’s held in a church or a ballroom, be sure to dress for the occasion. I recommend avoiding prints and opting for solid colors. A little black dress in a classic silhouette is always a good choice. Wear a matching pair of heels in a comfortable heel height so you can dance the night away! Then, finish your outfit off with a bright clutch or evening bag for a pop of color.

No matter the ceremony venue, remember to avoid wearing white, as well as the colors of the bridal party. Other than that, follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to be one of the best-dressed guests there! Happy wedding season! ❤



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