About Deborah

About DeborahHi, I’m Deborah!

I’m the Charleston, SC, half. I was actually born in Augusta, Georgia, but my family moved to Charleston, South Carolina right before my first birthday. Our furniture was set to arrive the day Hurricane Hugo hit. Ask anyone in the Lowcountry, they’ll know what I mean. I grew up in Charleston, and, a year after high school, I decided to do the whole “moving out” thing, and I went down to Jacksonville, Florida. This, of course, is where I met Sarah! After about three and a half years, though, I came back home to Charleston.

I ended up dating Andrew, my high school sweetheart, again, and we got married on June 23, 2013, at a lovely old Southern plantation house. Sarah was my Maid of Honor, naturally. My husband was a Master automotive technician, until he quit his day job for the opportunity of a lifetime! He took the Ruby on Rails course at The Iron Yard, and we are now officially self-employed. Time will tell if it takes or not, but we’re excited for this new chapter in our lives together!

In the meantime, between my admin work and cashier work for a cafe, I am learning what it means to be a wife. I still avoid washing dishes and folding laundry, but I realize that, if I don’t do it, it’s far less likely to get done. I love keeping track of my life in my Happy Planner and keeping track of my memories in scrapbooks and photobooks. Music is life for me, whether it’s playing bass in my church’s praise band or just jamming out to my favorite Spotify playlist. Desserts are my weakness, and I love spending the day curled up under my favorite blanket while watching Netflix. With a good cup of coffee, of course.

I’m excited to take on this project with my best friend. I hope it brings us closer together and helps other friends in similar positions to bridge all the miles between them.


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