10 Shows Netflix Needs


I have a confession. I don’t have cable. I don’t even have any way to watch local channels, (Remember the box you could get to replace your bunny ears a few years ago? Yeah, I don’t even have one of those!) but it doesn’t bother me any time except during The Olympics. Why not? One word:


I’ve had Netflix for a long time now. I used to rent movies from the Redbox constantly (like 2 or 3 times a week), so it made sense to start getting my DVDs from Netflix. There is a shipping facility in Jacksonville, so I had a really fast turnaround with my DVDs. But, when they came out with the streaming feature, I was all over that.

Netflix has been great for re-watching old favorites and for discovering some new ones. But there always seems to be at least a few things that I’d love to see them stream, but never do…

 photo tITfss8cqzTO0_zpsrlkkiqgg.gif

  • Happy Days: The main reason to watch Happy Days is The Fonz. Pure and simple. Also, it’s just a good, clean show. There are so few of those today, and it’s nice to escape to a simpler time, even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so.

 photo 1G3f5g87GE21W_zpsca25umjp.gif

  • The Brady Bunch: Another one of those good, clean shows, The Brady Bunch is a great show that’s still relatable to the mixed families of today. It’s a great example of all the different dynamics of a large family.

 photo HjPbLbmep2aJO_zps1pfncozl.gif

  • Full House: I thought for sure that, when Netflix announced the premiere of Fuller House, we’d be graced with all 8 seasons of Uncle Jesse. Then, when John Stamos took over Netflix on April 1 this year, my hopes were raised even more! Unfortunately, we’re all still waiting…

 photo IwpHfMV83UksU_zpszrylxkfl.gif

  • Boy Meets World: This is another one I was hoping for, since Netflix has each season of Girl Meets World. I feel like a lot of the references in Girl Meets World are lost on today’s kids if they haven’t seen where it all started. Luckily for me, I have them all on DVD!

 photo JGrHxlcBJ9nWM_zpsbq8p3c8n.gif

  • Kim Possible: This was one my whole family liked watching. I always loved the fact that no one questions her being a teenage spy. She doesn’t live a double life, just a busy one. Plus, her dad’s a rocket scientist, her mom’s a brain surgeon, and her brothers are twin geniuses!

 photo IdcPofFGvr8pW_zps8tpbzgfs.gif

  • Looney Tunes: This is what my Saturday mornings looked like. Every kid needs to experience the true Bugs Bunny.

 photo WDPoOfeQMOx6o_zps4bjseulb.gif

  • That’s So Raven: This is another one of the ones that was on when I was growing up. It still cracks me up because Raven has the goofy clutzy friend and slapstick comedy going for her. It’s a show that has diversity and kids who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

 photo 3oEjHN4MtbSqEe4D8Q_zpspgmpscf3.gif

  • Saturday Night Live: You can actually find a few seasons of SNL on Netflix right now, but I’d love to have access to all 41 seasons in their entirety. They had all the decades a while back, but, especially on a lot of the oldest seasons, they’d only have a handful of the sketches from each episode. I want to see them all!!!

 photo cpg0eVcjhYX3a_zpsol967bqy.gif

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: This stuff is just funny. But the older stuff with Colin, Ryan, Wayne, and Drew. They have great chemistry and their improv is always on point. Anytime I find it on TV when I flip through the channels, I have to stop!

 photo khAKVucvHhvy0_zpsg1oa18qz.gif

  • Workout videos: This is is another one that Netflix had for awhile. They had yoga videos, various workout routines, and I think they even had some Zumba. I figure, if I’m gonna be watching as much I do, some of it should help me get moving! I’d love it if they brought those back.

What about you? Is there a show or two that you’d like to binge watch on Netflix? Tell me about it in the comments!

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