Four Keys to a Successful Workout


Is it just me, or are there certain times of the year when it’s harder to work out than others? I find it easy to get in a routine during the spring or fall, when the weather’s nice and life is fairly predictable. But when the winter holidays come, I fall apart. I’m so busy traveling or shopping or catching up with family and stuffing myself with delicious delicacies, like my mom’s famous pecan pie, that working out becomes pretty much non-existent. That’s why I give thanks for oversized sweaters on Thanksgiving!

Summer can be the same way though! With parties and cookouts and vacations to look forward to, who has time to work out?! (My family celebrates five birthdays in June alone, including mine!) If you’re like me and struggling to stick to a workout routine this summer, check out some simple things I’ve come up with to help stay motivated.

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Favorites of the Month: April

April Favorites of the Month (1)

It’s officially May, and we can hardly believe it. If your weather is anything like ours, it’s basically already summer! Muggy morning, hot afternoons, and the sun’s setting later and later, which we love.

So check out a few other things we’ve been loving this past month…

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