10 Shows Netflix Needs


I have a confession. I don’t have cable. I don’t even have any way to watch local channels, (Remember the box you could get to replace your bunny ears a few years ago? Yeah, I don’t even have one of those!) but it doesn’t bother me any time except during The Olympics. Why not? One word:


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Favorites of the Week


Well, another weekend has come and gone. And we’re almost done with February already too! Hard to believe. But, as we’re getting into the swing of another Monday and another week, we thought we’d share some of our favorites of the moment with you.

Deborah’s loving:

 photo lovewhatmatters_zpspvq5couf.png

  • Love What Matters: This Facebook profile is one of my favorites! It’s nothing but pictures and videos connected with stories that help restore your faith in humanity. Stories about people paying it forward, helping animals, and just being generally decent human beings. Almost every story brings a tear to my eyes.
 photo Best-French-Press-Coffee-Maker-for-2015_zpspztekawh.jpg
Image credit: StellaCoffees.com
  • French Press coffee: My husband has spoiled me. If you’ve never had a French press before, stop right now, and just go ahead and buy your own press. Because, once you’ve gone French press, you can’t go back. In my opinion, a French press has a smooth taste and is less acidic than regular drip coffee. It does take a little longer, but it’s worth it. I also like to use the press overnight to make concentrate for my cold-brew coffee!


  • Stressed Out by twenty one pilots: I first heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, and I didn’t really care for it because the verse is kinda weird lyrically. It doesn’t rhyme or have a steady rhythm (which is the point, if you listen to the lyrics). Now it’s hard to sit still while I listen to it. Definitely one to crank up in the car! Also, the chorus is pretty much how we all feel these days…

Wish we could turn back time
To the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep
But now we’re stressed out

-“Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots

Sarah’s loving:

 photo When Calls the Heart_zpselmuccjn.jpg
Image credit: Google Play.
  • “When Calls the Heart”: As a little girl, I loved reading the novels of Laura Ingalls Wilder and watching countless episodes of “Little House on the Prairie.” My love for the pioneer stories only grew with my age, as I discovered Christian romance novels from authors like Lori Wick and Janette Oke. So, I was especially excited when I discovered “When Calls the Heart” from the Hallmark channel. The show is based on Janette Oke’s book of the same title and it takes place in Canada. It tells the story of a wealthy school teacher who moves from the big city to a small mining town to teach the children there. She, of course, learns to adapt to a simpler, more primitive lifestyle, while falling in love with a handsome Mountie. It’s a classic pioneer story, filled with love and drama, and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. You can watch seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix or catch season 3 on the Hallmark channel. (The first episode debuted last night!)

 photo IMG_2695_zpsouspwjbu.jpg

  • “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”: I finally started reading this book last week. It’s incredibly well-written and offers a fresh perspective on tidying (or de-cluttering) your home. Marie Kondo is very passionate about teaching people the proper way to organize and maintain their belongings. She insists that it’s better to tidy by category instead of location and that we shouldn’t do a little at a time, but attack one category to completion to avoid the endless cycle. She also says it’s important to only have things in your home that bring you joy. This appeals to my desire to be more minimalistic and deliberate in the things I choose to surround myself with. I can’t wait to read the next section and get into the specifics, like clothing and books!!
 photo Dating Divas_zpshnwfwui6.png
Image credit: The Dating Divas.
  • The Dating Divas: I recently came upon this website and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before now! It has a ton of great resources for married couples, from date night ideas (for at home and out) to marriage advice. Not to mention, some super cute, FREE printable love notes to send to your sweetheart. And, if you sign up for their weekly newsletter, you get their 7 Days of Love Program, which is an excellent way to learn more about your spouse and have some fun in the process. Let me know if you give it a try!

Those are just some of our current favorites! We want to know—what are you loving this week?


Our Top 10 Favorite On-Screen BFFs

For most of our lives, we’ve had best friends. They changed over the years, depending on where we lived or went to school, but, each one of them played an important part in our lives and we’re thankful for their friendship.

Now, we’re each other’s best friend and we can’t imagine our lives any other way. We plan on being friends for the rest of our lives, becoming “aunties” to each other’s children and causing a ruckus in the nursing home! To celebrate our friendship, and friendships everywhere, we’ve made a list of our favorite on-screen best friends and why they set our ultimate #friendshipgoals. Enjoy!

Top Ten Favorite On-Screen BFFs


 photo Monica and Rachel_zpsu7239clz.jpg
image credit: Pinterest
  • Monica and Rachel (Friends): I grew up watching Friends and loved it! (So much so, that I re-watched the entire series on Netflix when it was released.) Imagine living in New York with your best friends and always getting the best seats in the coffee house! Who wouldn’t want to be them?! My favorite characters were Monica and Rachel. They were friends in high school, lost touch, but one fateful day reunites them and it’s like nothing changed. They become roommates and the best of friends, no matter how much they get on each other’s nerves with Monica’s obsessive cleaning and Rachel’s borrowing things without asking. They love and support each other through everything, even when it’s time to go their separate ways—a great example of what it means to be a friend.

 photo giphy_zps4yxnfsop.gif

  • Jess and Cece (New Girl): If you haven’t seen this show yet, you totally need to jump on the Zooey Deschanel bandwagon. If you have seen it, then you know about the unlikely friendship between Jessica Day and Cecelia Parekh. Jess and Cece became friends as young girls, and never grew apart; even with Jess being a quirky grade school teacher and Cece being a sophisticated model, they are still the best of friends. They stick it out through fights with boys and fights with each other. They are honest with each other and supportive to the end. Even when Cece almost goes through with an arranged marriage that Jess disagrees with, Jess still supports Cece because she says it’s what she really wants (even though we all know that Schmidt is what she actually wants!). Jess and Cece are the perfect example of how best friends don’t have to be exactly alike, or even remotely alike, to still be friends forever.
 photo Rory and Lorelai_zpsr6u5gjqz.jpg
image credit: theodysseyonline.com
  • Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls): Yes, I re-watched this entire series on Netflix, too, in preparation for the reunion happening later this year! This mother-daughter duo is the epitome of the friendship every girl hopes to share with her mother one day. They love each other fiercely, tell each other everything (eventually!), and always support each other’s dreams. Even though they have pretty cool best friends of their own in Sookie and Lane, Lorelai and Rory have a bond that can’t compare.

 photo tumblr_myl3y89Gay1sms4g7o1_500_zpsyulpki6u.gif

  • Blair and Serena (Gossip Girl): I was actually a little late to the Gossip Girl game, so I binged all six seasons on Netflix this past year. I was hooked! Between Chuck Bass and Gossip Girl “herself” (true fans know what I mean… *wink*), I couldn’t help it. But, despite all the gossip and drama, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen stayed true. Even through the occasions that had them no longer on speaking terms (we’re looking at you, Nate Archibald), they always came back to each other. Blair tried so hard and Serena came by it naturally, but they were the best of friends and they were always there for each other with a little help from friends. Because, face it, “He’s Chuck Bass.” XOXO
 photo DJ and Kimmy_zpsacgcxcwc.jpg
image credit: collider.com
  • DJ and Kimmy (Full House): Throwing it back to my childhood with this pair of BFFs! I love that DJ and Kimmy had a friendship that spanned across all eight seasons of Full House. Though, seemingly opposites, DJ and Kimmy are the best of friends. They look out for each other as they navigate the pre-teen and teenage years. They fight and make up repeatedly over the course of the show, but they always look out for each other. BONUS: the stars that play DJ and Kimmy are best friends in real life!! I can’t wait to see them reprise their TV roles when Netflix brings them back on February 26 in Fuller House.

 photo 1436213457-ann-and-leslie-i-love-you-gif_zpsavqauxda.gif
 photo tumblr_n09abskRUs1qdvp7io2_r1_500_zpspc4eflfb.gif

  • Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation): Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins met and a town meeting. Ann had a giant pit in her backyard and Leslie wanted to fix it (like she wants to fix everything). What started out as door-to-door campusing grew into a beautiful friendship between two professional women. They helped each other through relationships, promotions, babies, and moving. Even after Ann moved away, Leslie stayed in constant contact because she didn’t want to miss a moment of her best friend’s life. This especially hits home for us, since we totally understand the best friend moving away. Besides, who wouldn’t be best friends with someone who calls you “a poetic and noble land-mermaid”?!
 photo Jim and Pam_zps88lhudy4.jpg
image credit: buzzfeed.com
  • Jim and Pam (The Office): Being best friends with the opposite sex can be tricky. Something usually happens where it doesn’t work out, or like the majority of chick-flicks want you to believe, you fall in love and become more than friends. (Not realistic, but definitely fun to watch.) Never has the story been more appealing than with Jim and Pam of The Office. Their friendship had me rooting for them from the beginning. Suffering through work together turned into conspiring on practical jokes together. They made each other laugh but, more importantly, they listened to each other. They became confidantes and, after a painfully long time, finally realized they were soul mates. And, isn’t that what best friends are, too?

 photo stop-it-youre-boys.jpg_zpss9rx6vqb.gif

  • Shawn and Cory (Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World): People always think of girls as being best friends, but, one of the most realistic TV friendships I’ve ever seen is the lifelong one between Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter. They went through it all together: deaths of parents, divorce, college, heartbreak, cults, drinking problems, and growing up. They’ve even reappeared in the Disney Channel’s new show Girl Meets World. We had to wait about 14 years to see if they made it, but, like we all knew they would, they’re back and stronger than ever. Even with Cory and Topanga married with kids in New York, nobody ever replaced Shawn in Cory’s life. And they are able to teach this generation that a true friend stays with you forever.

And, lastly, the on-screen BFFs we love so much, and that we relate to the most:

 photo anigif_enhanced-25839-1411094608-9_zps8qxy9y7q.gif

  • Annie and Lillian (Bridesmaids): We were in each other’s weddings (maid/matron of honor for each other), so we totally get the craziness that comes with meshing with other friends and family members for your best friend’s big day. But, ultimately, you are more than happy to do it because you love your best friend. Annie and Lillian show us that nothing can come between best friends, not even new friends or failures in life. Because you’ll never be replaced, if you can just “hold on for one more day.”

 photo giphy_zpsi3kdtpew.gif

  • Meredith and Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy): Do you guys remember what it was like before Netflix? When you had to go to Blockbuster to rent seasons of television shows–one disc at a time!! We do because we totally did that with Grey’s Anatomy. Our ritual was to go to the gym (we were so good back in the day!) and then binge-watch a disc of Grey’s. We fell in love with the cast and their stories, namely the friendship of Meredith and Cristina.  They’re the ultimate BFFs, sarcastic and fiercely loyal—even nicknamed the “Twisted Sisters.” They are as close as sisters, protecting and loving each other without judgement. Their friendship is often summed up with the quote, “You’re my person,” which we’ve officially adopted as our own.


So how about you? Can you relate to any of our favorite silver screen friendships? Or are you a mix of several of them like we are? Let us know in the comments!


Current Favorites

Another crazy weekend in the books! How about you? We almost always spend part of the weekend playing catch up, and the other half resting to get ready for the next week. And the new week is here!

Here’s a few things we’re loving at the moment…

Deborah’s loving…

  • Joia’s Grapefruit, Chamomile, & Cardamom Natural Soda. Despite it being November, it’s still kinda warm here in Charleston. And, the A/C is on the fritz at my job. Which means, between higher temperatures and talking for 6 hours straight at a time, I’m usually pretty thirsty when I get off work. And this is my new favorite thirst quencher! I like grapefruit, which is good because it’s the main flavor, but it’s not too strong. It’s a very light flavor. The carbonation gives me the feeling of drinking a soda, but the natural ingredients keep me away from all the unhealthy stuff in your average soda. Win-win!

  • Blindspot. If you haven’t already checked out this awesome new show this fall, hop on Hulu, and get yourself caught up! It’s about this woman that the FBI finds in Times Square covered in nothing but tattoos, including a prominent one on her back of Agent Kurt Weller’s name. It’s an action drama that keeps me and the hubby guessing!

  • This Star Wars sweatshirt. JC Penney has this awesome sweatshirt that I’m hoping to get! I’m a sucker for sweatshirts as the weather cools down because they’re basically the t-shirt of the lower temperatures. They’re perfect because they’re not too thick that you burn up, but they’re thick enough that you don’t need another layer. And I want to have it in time for the new movie next month!

Sarah’s loving…

  • Gratitude journals. As a young girl, I kept a diary. It was a private place for me to write down my most personal thoughts and feelings. Over the years, writing a few random sentences about dreams I had and boys I liked turned into me writing pages about the places I went and people I met. As an adult, I journal to practice the art of gratitude. I purchased the journal you see above a couple of years ago and I love it! Even though I don’t write in it every day, it’s become my way of giving thanks to God for all of the amazing blessings, big and small, in my life. The process is humbling and heartening at the same time. I encourage you to write down one thing you’re thankful for each day, especially during this month of Thanksgiving. You’ll be surprised at how such a small action can change your heart in a big way.
  • Free printables. When it comes to social media, I’m pretty slow. In fact, I only just signed up for Pinterest a couple of months ago! (Don’t judge me.) Since joining, I’ve discovered a lot of excellent resources available from graphic designers and bloggers around the world, many of which are FREE for personal use. You can find everything from weekly meal planners to graphics for your planner. Simply search, “free printables.” Later this week, I’ll even show you how to turn printables into artwork for your home!

  • Having a piano in the house. Growing up, I played piano almost every day for eleven years. (I attended arts schools from elementary to high school and studied piano performance, so it was pretty serious.) Then, I got busy with work and college and didn’t make as much time for it. The piano was a gift from my late grandmother and it’s been at my mom’s house ever since I moved out. When Ryan and I got married, we lived in a small apartment that didn’t have room for a piano. Then, we bought our house and though we had the room, we never got around to moving it. Finally, my mom took charge and arranged to have the piano brought over this past Saturday. (Thanks, Mom!) I had been making do with a keyboard for the past couple of years but nothing beats the sound of a real piano. I’ve really missed it and I am so happy to be able to play again—even if I am terribly out of practice. 🙂