Favorites of the Month: May


Hello and happy Saturday! Whatever you’re up to, be it lounging by the pool or binge-watching Gilmore Girls before the new episodes come out (eek!), we hope you have a fantastic time!

As for us, we’ll be kicking off the weekend by enjoying some of latest faves. Here’s what we’re loving this month!

Sarah’s loving…

  • “Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic: My love for OneRepublic was cemented when their song “Apologize” came out in 2007! It was pretty much the song of the summer back then, just like I’m sure their new single, “Wherever I Go,” will be! Just released last week, the song is quite catchy but hints at something deeper, while showcasing the group’s musical and songwriting talents. I’ve been playing it on repeat since it came out and eagerly await the new album, though it may be a little different from what listeners are used to according to this interview with frontman Ryan Tedder. If the single’s any indication, I think I’ll like the album just fine. 🙂
  • Radiant Magazine: A little while back, I discovered this beautiful online publication through Instagram and have been hooked ever since. Taking it’s name from Psalm 34:5, Radiant Magazine is full of encouraging articles on everything from fitness to fashion, to marriage and business. The sixteen lovely ladies that contribute to Radiant have a wide range of talents but a shared love of Jesus that shows through in their writing. I always feel encouraged and inspired after reading their posts. I especially loved “Gratitude and Good Enough” and encourage any of you that are married to read it! 

Francescas Top

  • Anything Off-The-Shoulder: This summer’s biggest trend is the cold-shoulder or off-the-shoulder look, which I adore! Modest but sexy, it’s perfect for summer date-nights! You can find this look in any store, in any style–from tops to dresses to rompers! My personal favorite is this Karin Printed Off-The-Shoulder Top from Francesca’s.

Deborah’s loving…

  • Working from home: This week was my first full week of being a work-at-home wifey, and I loved it! I got to have lunch with my hubby every day, and I didn’t have to get up in the morning before the sun did. I’m really excited to be able to fully set my schedule the way I want. I can’t wait to see what kind of opportunities this new chapter will open up for us!

 photo Marvel-Movies-marvel-comics-13616861-2560-1600-e1447801448947_zps4nhvc62u.jpg

  • Marvel™ movies: Andrew and I saw Captain America: Civil War this past weekend (and it was awesome!!!), and we kept the theme going with an X-men movie later too. I’m a nerd, for sure, so I have no shame. I’m always excited to see each new release, and I always look forward to see them on the big screen because they get better and better with each movie that comes out. They’re each made so well, with amusing dialogue and great special effects. Definitely need to work on building my collection up to its proper standards, though. 😉

First one of the summer!!! #shareacoke #allidoiswin

A post shared by Deborah Poe (@strangeblueeyes) on

  • Share a Coke and a Song: The past couple summers, Coca-Cola has had those awesome bottles with people’s names on them (Andrew’s was actually the first one I ever saw!), but they’re mixing it up this year. This summer, you can find song lyrics on your bottle. I shared the one pictured above on my personal Instagram account, and Coca-Cola even commented on it! Be sure to tag yours with #shareacoke and they might comment on yours too.


These are just a few of the things we’re loving right now. Do you have a cute outfit that features some off-the-shoulder styling? Or have you tracked down a favorite song lyric on your Coke bottle? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging us: @238milesapart. We’d love to see it!


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