How to Throw a Totally Awesome 80s Party

80s Party

It turns out, even if you are technically an adult, you can still throw great parties with your friends for absolutely no reason. And, you can even make it a themed party!

We were both born at the end of the 80s, but the whole decade still has a special place in our hearts. We love the music, the movies, and the funky clothes. So, while I was still living down in Florida, we randomly decided that we wanted to throw an 80s themed party and invite a few friends.

 photo pacman_zpsfufqgdzf.jpg
Honestly, the first thing you need for a good party is the perfect space. When I lived down in Florida, Sarah’s mom’s house was the perfect hang out spot. She had a pool and deck in the backyard, as well as a grill, which made it great for 4th of July parties. The garage, however, was our other favorite party place. They had the garage that was more of a rec room than a place to park your car. It’s technically a one-car garage, but, with the carport cover right outside, you could open the garage door and double the size of the room. Plus, there was a pool table and a dance floor, both of which are a must for a good time with friends.

 photo closeup_zpsnh1lhfd3.jpgSarah’s mom was more than happy to let us use the space. She even joined us for a little dancing throughout the evening too! She also had a foldout table that was perfect to set up our food spread, because, obviously, what’s a party without food? Also, what’s a food set up without a great backdrop. Pac-Man is classic 80s, and it’s super easy to make. We bought three sheets of posterboard (one for Pac-Man himself and two ghosts per sheet), drew out our shapes, and cut and painted them. To get the good curves and edges, we used things we had around the house: platters for the ghosts’ top curves, bowls for their bottoms, and trash can lid for Pac-Man. There’s no need to get super fancy; use what you already have!

 photo movies_zpsntqgypsu.jpg
We also borrowed a few albums from my parents. We didn’t have access to an actual vinyl record player, so we just used the covers as more decor. We did however make sure to have a rocking playlist that Sarah’s brother John put together for us. Sarah also had a DVD of Michael Jackson music videos that we had playing for a part of the time. One of our friends was in a dance class at the time and had just learned all the steps to “Thriller”, so we coaxed her onto the dance floor to give us a crash course! When we weren’t playing the music videos, we had various 80s classics playing on a low volume throughout. That means there was plenty of John Hughes and the Brat Pack, for sure!

 photo 80sparty_zpsysjiudc5.jpg
You also can’t have a party without some party favors. We found some great shutter shades that we gave out to everyone, as well as glow stick bracelets and necklaces. They made for great photo props too. Also, even though it was just a small party, we had a few tables, and tables need centerpieces. We spent an afternoon in St. Augustine a week or two before the party, and we found an awesome candy store that had vintage candy. We stocked up on pixie sticks, candy cigarettes, bubblegum cigars, and other candy classics. We then basically just stacked them up in the middle of the tables. Everyone was free to snack on their childhood favorites, and it made for less clean-up for us, afterwards!

As important to a party as it is to have good food, good music, and good decorations, nothing is as important as good friends. Good friends will help you plan the party, and they’ll stick around after to help you clean up. But, most importantly, best friends will cherish the memories you created together for years to come.

Have you thrown a party with your best friend? Or have you gone to an 80s party yourself? Tell us about it in the comments below, or tag us in some pictures on Instagram: @238milesapart

And, as Bill and Ted would say, “Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!”

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