DIY Coffee Bar + Free Printable

 photo IMG_3626_zpspero4vcp.jpg

Here at 238 Miles Apart, we love our coffee! A LOT. In fact, my day doesn’t start until I’ve had at least one cup. My morning routine is to wake up, take the dogs out and feed them; then check my email and social media while I drink my coffee.

In total silence.


An introvert at the core, I thrive on my daily dose of quiet time and caffeine! That’s why I’m so excited to have finally created my own coffee bar. ❤

 photo IMG_3613_zps1uazfsyq.jpg

When we first moved into our house, we were in need of a new dining table. I found one I absolutely loved at an antique store and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was available with a matching buffet. The pieces are handcrafted by the shop owner’s husband out of reclaimed wood taken from a 100-year old whiskey distillery in Alabama that no longer exists. How’s that for a story?!

Since purchasing it, the buffet has been used for storage and as a serving table during the holidays, but I’ve been wanting to do something else with it for a while. When Deborah and her husband, Andrew, came to visit us not too long ago, he mentioned creating a coffee bar and I was sold! After all, I already had the burlap coffee sack turned wall art hanging up on the wall, so, why not?

I used a burlap table runner from the Target Dollar Spot and placed our Keurig on one end of the buffet. To give the bar some added depth, I stood up an old wooden soda crate and topped it with my beloved metal milk cow.

 photo IMG_3627_zpsjxt1ebo2.jpg

For just six dollars, I purchased two glass canisters from HomeGoods and stored my coffee and sugar inside. Then, I bought a glass drying rack from World Market to hang my mismatched mugs on, minus my Rae Dunn “COFFEE” mug which I chose to display with some cute wooden spoons. Finally, I added a faux succulent to the buffet for a touch of greenery.

 photo IMG_3609_zpsccbvh8tc.jpg

It was almost perfect, but it needed something special. So, I created this free printable using Canva and cut it down to fit a 4 x 4 frame I already had on hand. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to the coffee bar, don’t you think?

 photo IMG_3624_zpsdpumfhlv.jpg

The best part is, since moving the coffee maker and the majority of our mugs over to the buffet, our kitchen feels bigger and I have more counter and cabinet space than I used to! The coffee bar has even made the daily ritual of preparing coffee that much more enjoyable for me. I actually smile when I see it! And, I don’t usually smile before I’ve had my coffee—just ask my husband. 🙂



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