Favorites of the Month: April

April Favorites of the Month (1)

It’s officially May, and we can hardly believe it. If your weather is anything like ours, it’s basically already summer! Muggy morning, hot afternoons, and the sun’s setting later and later, which we love.

So check out a few other things we’ve been loving this past month…

Deborah’s loving…

  • Workout pants: So, apparently there’s a secret that no one let me in on… Workout pants are super comfy! They beat sweatpants, they’re that comfy! I broke down and bought this pair from Target not too long ago, but I have yet to use them to actually work out in (it’s been a crazy few weeks, y’all!). I have, however, worn them twice this week already! The first day, they were perfect to throw on because I was babysitting three kids all day long, so I didn’t have to worry about anything. I could jump on the trampoline, I could sit on the floor, I could let them climb all over me on the couch. Then, yesterday, I ran into that problem that we all encounter now that it’s warm: it was too hot for pants, but I hadn’t shaved, so shorts weren’t really an option for me. My capris are mesh for basically the bottom third of each leg, so they breathe like shorts, but have more coverage like pants. Genius! Now to just put them to use for their official purpose…

 photo Parenthood01_zpscno1m0ej.jpg

  • Parenthood (the TV show): I don’t have cable or any kind of TV service, so I get all of my shows from Netflix. Because of this, I’m going through Netflix and finding all these older shows (Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, M*A*S*H*) that are done, so I can watch all the seasons together. Parenthood caught my eye a while back, but it just finished last year, so I picked it up this month. The first episode literally had me laughing out loud and almost crying within the span of 45 minutes. There’s honestly not much to the idea of the show itself: it’s about the Braverman clan and their everyday lives, but every single episode is so relatable! The four adult children all have families of their own, and they’re all in different places in life, so you’re bound to identify with one, if not all, of them. Bonnie Bedelia is beautiful as the matriarch of the family, Camille; Dax Shepard is a hit as the slightly slackerish brother, Crosby; and, of course, Lauren Graham is amazing as Sarah, the daughter who moved back home with her two kids Drew and Amber (played by the awesome Mae Whitman), bringing the whole family back to living in the same town. As an added bonus, every single episode has an amazing soundtrack! This is definitely one of those shows that I’d add to my shelf as a permanent piece of my collection.
  • Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Bromance: Okay, seriously. If I could hang out with any pair of famous best friends for a day, it’d be these two. First off, they’re each adorable on their own, but you put them together, and beautiful things happen. The video above is one of my favorites, simply because it feels pretty much unscripted. They start foaming at the brain and just going off like they were just sitting at home chilling and talking late at night like two best friends would do. Jimmy did Timberlake week (which they reference in the video), and I’m pretty sure it was just an excuse for them to spend the week together. These two are great, whether they’re on SNL or The Tonight Show. From rehashing the History of Rap to singing Toto’s “Africa” at Camp Winnipesauke, these two are definite #friendshipgoals.

Sarah’s loving…

 photo IMG_3583_zpsfwllzcpm.jpg

  • @crazyjewishmom: Each month, O Magazine shares a few social media accounts they think their readers will enjoy. Some are heartwarming, others are hilarious– which is definitely the case with @crazyjewishmom, one of this month’s featured accounts. It all started when Kate Siegel read a text from her mom, aloud to friends at a party and it was a hit! Her mother was always sending texts that made her laugh but she’d never thought to share them with other people before. Now the account, full of text message screenshots between the mother-daughter pair, has over 800,000 followers on Instagram!! The conversations are laugh-out-loud funny, inappropriate at times, and guaranteed to make us all a little more thankful for our own mothers… No matter how crazy they can be at times! BONUS: Perfect for Mother’s Day, Kate’s also written a book, Mother, Can you Not? Check it out!
  • NHL Playoffs: I. LOVE. HOCKEY. It’s one of my favorite sports, next to football and golf. Random, I know. My first ever Christmas present to Ryan was a pair of tickets to see the Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Detroit Red Wings and I’ve been hooked ever since! The Stanley Cup Playoffs started a couple of weeks ago and this sans cable-TV girl is thrilled because it’s one of the only times they play hockey on regular network television! (Why is that?!) Our beloved Lightning are still in the hunt and I’m really hoping they’ll get another chance at the trophy after losing to the Chicago Blackhawks last year. Go Bolts!

 photo IMG_3584_zpsoco6baln.jpg

  • Weddings: With the coming of spring and the start of summer, love is blooming and the number of weddings taking place is on the rise! Last night, my husband and I attended the wedding of two good friends of ours. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are over the moon for them! The thing I love most about weddings is that they remind me of the vows I took with my husband on our special day. Marriage is an amazing journey and I’m so thankful for the partner I have by my side. Here’s to Sarah and Derek!

Are you loving some of these things, too? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment or tag us on Instagram: @238milesapart.



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