Visiting St. Marys, GA

Visiting St. Marys. GA

This past Saturday, Ryan and I headed to St. Marys, Georgia, to attend the Rustapalooza Vintage Market. (I’m lucky enough to have a husband who will go antiquing with me—as long as I don’t move too slowly!) Even though we only live forty minutes away, it was our first time visiting the area and we can’t wait to go back!

 photo IMG_3414_zpsvuc9iccj.jpg

St. Marys is a sleepy little town on the coast of southern Georgia. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a lot going for it, though. We started our day at Rustapalooza—an outdoor event made up of several different vendors, selling everything from antique furniture and handcrafted jewelry to beautiful artwork and stained glass windows. I wanted to take it all home with me! Alas, the size of our car (and budget) wouldn’t allow it. But, I did get some more burlap and the most adorable metal milk cow you’ve ever seen!

 photo IMG_3440_zpsxg9wkdly.jpg

The event was held right next to the St. Marys River, so once we were content with our purchases, we decided to take a tour of the ship, The Peacemaker. It’s currently for sale and they were offering free tours to anyone who attended Rustapalooza. The ship is absolutely stunning, inside and out, and it gave us a great view of the river.

 photo IMG_3430_zps6do1c2ol.jpg

At that point, we were getting pretty hungry, so we headed to the historic district to find something to eat. Unfortunately, for a Saturday afternoon, there weren’t very many restaurants open. It may have been because of the season or the gloomy weather, but most places were only open till 2 pm, with a few reopening at 5 pm for dinner.

We finally found the Riverside Café, which serves a bit of everything; from burgers and fries to traditional Greek dishes, like spanakopita. They also happen to have very good seafood, which is what we were after. Ryan ordered the fish and chips and I got the crab cake over a Greek salad. What sounds like an unlikely pairing was actually quite delicious. And the crab cake was huge!

 photo IMG_3448_zpsvatuxgln.jpg

After lunch, we decided to wander and see what else St. Marys had to offer. The streets were so quiet—we practically had the place to ourselves, except for the occasional dog walker or bicyclist. It really gave us an opportunity to experience the small town feel we miss out on in Jacksonville.

 photo IMG_3450_zpshcht4eci.jpg

The town is pretty as a postcard, with its tree-lined streets and picturesque churches. On Osborne Street, you can find gift shops, a bookstore, and charming cafes, like The Blue Goose. We stopped in to have some coffee in their courtyard but we look forward to trying their food and a glass of wine, or two, at their wine bar.

 photo IMG_3446_zpspmxa3ewf.jpg

When it was nearing time for us to head home, we decided to take one last stroll around Howard Gilman Memorial Waterfront Park, which was where we had parked. Equipped with two-person swings overlooking the river, a fishing pier, and a playground for little ones, this park was the perfect spot to end our day. (They even have a place to rent bicycles and kayaks!)

 photo IMG_3441_zpsvmy4ttuj.jpg

We really enjoyed spending the day in St. Marys and hope to go back soon! Despite it being a slower pace than what we’re used to, we definitely appreciated the simple, relaxed nature of the city and recommend it to anyone looking to get away from it all… Even if it’s just for a day. ❤



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