Favorites of the Month: March 2016

MARCH- Favorites of the Month

Hello! We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Personally, we can’t believe Easter has already come and gone, and this month will be over in a couple of days!! Before it ends, we’d like to share some of our favorite things for the month of March with you. Enjoy!

Sarah’s loving…

 photo Nancy Drew tote_zpslbx9ct7e.jpg
image credit: outofprintclothing.com
  • Out of Print Nancy Drew Tote Bag: I love Nancy Drew books. A LOT. And, I love to hunt through antique stores for the really old ones with blue covers. In fact, if money were no object, I would have bought the first edition I found the other day. (It was $160!) Alas, even though I couldn’t afford the book, I was able to buy this adorable Nancy Drew tote bag from Out of Print! It’s made of canvas, with an inside zippered pocket—perfect for trips to the library or the beach! Plus, anytime you buy an Out of Print product, they donate a book to their partner, Books for Africa. How cool is that?!
  • Bridge of Spies (2015): A few times a month, my husband and I like to have a movie night at home, just the two of us. We bake a pizza or get take out from one of our favorite restaurants, rent a movie from Redbox, and snuggle up on the couch for the evening. Most recently, we rented the Steven Spielberg film, Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks. It was fantastic! It’s an incredible story of courage and determination, and doing what’s right even in the face of adversity. Even though the story is set in the Cold War, a lot of what’s said in the movie is relevant to today. Ryan and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a historical spy drama.

 photo IMG_3246_zpsrtcu8ah5.jpg

  • The Oh-So-Happy-Mail Project from Fat Mum Slim: One of my favorite blogs to read, thanks to Deborah, is Fat Mum Slim. It offers an honest, and sometimes hilarious, look at being a wife and mother; not to mention, an incredible photographer who lives in Australia and always has gorgeous pictures to share! She encourages readers to find beauty in the everyday with her Photo-a-day challenges on Instagram (@fatmumslim) and she’s even started a monthly mail project, one for adults and one for kids, where people from all over the world can send letters to each other. I signed up for the first time this month and just dropped these goodies in the mail for someone in Queensland, Australia. I’ve got to admit, the idea of making a new friend on the other side of the world is pretty cool! I can’t wait to see where my Happy Mail comes from!

Deborah’s loving…

 photo 81rjD6hYTDS._SL1500__zpslyrgfbxi.jpg
Image credit: Amazon.com
  • Amazon Kindle: Okay, so I succumbed. I was always one of those people who thought e-readers were horrible! Why carry around an electric device when you could hold a real paper book, right? Then, Andrew started reading textbook size books; he managed to find them in a .pdf format online, but he didn’t want to print them out, nor did he want to be confined to the computer to read them. He started pricing out e-readers. Not long after, Andrew’s grandparents were getting rid of their 1st generation Amazon Kindle, so his mom suggested giving it to us. It’s not the one we want to end up with in the end, but it’s given us a great feel for how much we’d actually use it, and how much we like it. Books are cheaper (some are even free!), and you can upload those .pdf files to it too. Also, you really can carry an entire library in your bag. I’m still a paperback girl at heart, but it’s nice to have some modern age brought to my old books.
  • Zenni Optical sunglasses: Andrew and I went and got our eyes checked near the end of February. Handsome hubby ended up getting a pair of light prescription glasses, and, by the time he got all the features he wanted, it was a few hundred dollars (thank God for insurance and such, right?!). Fortunately, my prescription stayed exactly the same. However, I was really wanting some prescription sunglasses. I have transition lenses, but they have to be directly in the UV rays to darken, which doesn’t happen when I’m driving in my car. I’d heard about Zenni Optical a while back, and I decided to give them a shot. I got these two pairs of shades for about $50 total! Shipping is a flat $4.99, and I found a code for a free anti-reflective coating for both pairs too. I’m so happy with both of these pairs that Andrew has decided we’ll buy all of our glasses from them in the future!
 photo marriage_enrichment001_zpsybm3eki5.jpg
Image credit: LegacyChurchSC.org
  • Marriage Enrichment Weekend: Andrew and I attended our first marriage conference this month, and it was awesome! Dr. Ron and his wife Marion are both great, and, coming from a church that was built around marriage ministry and having been married for more than 30 years, they know what they’re talking about. The Friday night/Saturday morning was spent learning a few new things and being reminded of some old things. We spent it with a couple of our favorite friends, Adam and Sarah (I have a few Sarahs in my life…), and we even came close to being the disruptive kids in the back of the classroom. Haha! Altogether, Andrew and I both enjoyed the conference, and we enjoyed spending a whole weekend just focusing on us and our relationship.


So, as March goes out like a lamb, tell us about some of your favorite things from this past month. Or even show us some of your snapshots on Instagram, by tagging us @238milesapart.

Here comes April!


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