Top 10 Favorite Planner Accessories


Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to start your spring cleaning than with a little organizing. And what better way to start organizing than with your very own planner. Now, if you know me at all, at least for the past 6 months or so, you know how much I love my Happy Planner from me & my big ideas. Today, I’m going to spill the beans on what 10 of my favorite accessories are from mambi’s Create 365 line.

 photo covers_zpsuuryd1dg.jpg

  • Interchangeable Decorative Covers: I love the option to customize anything and everything! The covers that come on each edition of The Happy Planner are all adorable, but sometimes, a girl needs a little variety. mambi has a few different sets of covers so that you can customize to your little planning heart’s content.

 photo pocket folders_zpsuxjkaekv.jpg

  • Pocket Folders: These pockets are easy to snap in (and to match with your various covers), and they’re perfect for catching all sorts of odds and ends. Coupons, invitations, printed schedules, everything fits in these pockets.

 photo sticky notes_zpsnd7hqiwm.jpg

  • Sticky Notes: Sticky notes in general are a must for any office. I especially love these because they come pre-mounted on a thick page that’s also pre-punched to stick right into your Happy Planner. Also, because they’re specifically made for The Happy Planner, they’re sized perfectly to fit the boxes of the planner pages.

 photo notepads_zpszpisptwa.jpg

  • Notepads: Sometimes you need to jot a quick note or thought, but it’s not necessarily planning or schedule related. That’s where these come in. They’re pre-punched as well, so you can pop them right into your planner for easy access. And, if you end up writing a to-do list for a specific week, you can tear it off the notepad and stick in with that week.

 photo expander rings_zpsny3apaah.jpg

  • Expander Discs: I noticed pretty quickly that, the more I customized my planner with various inserts, the thicker it got. I was so excited when the expander discs came out because they’re the perfect size (1.75″) for my growing planner. Now I don’t have to pick and choose which accessories to include!

 photo to do stickers_zpstozpddhd.jpg

  • To Do Stickers: These to do stickers are the ultimate planning must. There’s a good mix of actual “to do” stickers, appointments, dinners, vacations, etc. They even make sure to include a few blank ones for you to fill out however you like.

 photo life quotes stickers_zpslipuxmgy.jpg

  • Tons of Stickers: In addition to the planning stickers, there are several different sets of generally cute stickers. They have motivational sayings, cute graphics, and, like the sticky notes, they’re just the right size for the boxes of my Happy Planner!

 photo punch_zpsbvxl41j3.jpg

  • Punch: One thing that I kept saying I really wanted for my planner was a hole punch that was just the right size. The Arc system from Staples is similar, but the holes aren’t exactly the same. Imaging my glee when me & my big ideas released their very own punch! I love being able to punch fliers and invitations and stick them directly into my planner.

 photo snap in tabs_zpstgkt2p5o.jpg

  • Snap-In Tabs: Sometimes, I want to stick something directly in my planner, but I don’t necessarily want to punch holes in it. That’s where the snap-in tabs come in handy. They stick right onto whatever the item is and then snap right into the planner, without having to finagle the punch around the design.

 photo storage case_zps3ssv3563.jpg

  • Storage Case: Last, but not least, you have to have somewhere to carry all these great accessories, along with your planner itself. The Happy Planner storage case is both adorable and functional! It’s got a pocket for your planner (that fits it even with the expander discs and all its fat glory), removable zipper pouches (that are perfect for pens, washi tape, and odds and ends), other larger zipper pouches (that are perfect for those extra covers and notepads), and even a little pocket to hold sheets of stickers. I love the stripes and the mint accent as well!
  • *BONUS* Coordinating Washi Tape: I am semi-obsessed with washi tape, so I especially love that there are so many sets of washi tape that coordinate with each of the newly released Happy Planners.

What about you other planners out there? What are some of your favorite accessories? Let us know below in the comments, or tag us on Instagram: @238milesapart.Deborahs small signature



Image credits for all products go to me & my big ideas. They didn’t pay me to tell you how awesome their stuff is, but I wouldn’t say no if they offered!

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