Sarah’s Desk Tour

Since starting to work from home last year, it’s been a goal of mine to remodel the office. I wanted to make it a space that sparked creativity and somewhere that I would enjoy spending long hours. Motivated by Deborah’s work space, I got to work and I can finally say, I love my office! All it took was a few new pieces and some better organizational techniques.

When Ryan and I got our first apartment, we used a lot of things from his bachelor days. This was a blessing because we didn’t have to buy a ton of new furniture but also a curse because his tastes were so different from mine. His style was very modern—think black leather couches, glass coffee table, and Asian-themed decor. Keeping with the theme, we bought a large, black L-shaped desk for our office at the time.

Then, we moved into our ninety-eight year old home and the decor didn’t work. We decided to incorporate lighter colors and natural wood tones into our home so the big, black desk was out. Fortunately, my mom had been wanting to give me a desk that had been passed down to her from my grandmother, so it was perfect timing.

 photo IMG_3121_zpsxayioaow.jpg

I liked the desk as it was but I wanted to add my own personality to it. To accomplish that, I focused on color. I started by replacing the old contact paper in the drawers with some pretty yellow paper I found in the Target Dollar Spot, believe it or not!

 photo IMG_3122_zpseasn4k7l.jpg

I organized all of my craft supplies in the drawers and found a cute, aqua blue organizer for the top of the desk. It’s the perfect size to store my pens and tools, plus it has enough room to hold things like my planner and blogging notebooks.

 photo IMG_3115_zpsaejyguyr.jpg

Feeling inspired, I decided to stick with blue as my accent color. I replaced the original wood knobs on the drawers with pretty ceramic ones and got a new chair. How cute is that?! It was a challenge to find a chair small enough to fit the desk that was still comfortable, but I am so happy with this one!

 photo IMG_3118_zpsuakwhqar.jpg

The finishing touch was to add our computer, mouse and keyboard. It’s smaller than I’m used to, but it keeps me on task and since there isn’t a lot of extra room, I’m more inclined to put things back in their proper place. The best part about all this is, I can always switch out the things I added for a completely new look! I may even paint or refinish the desk one day!

 photo IMG_3116_zps2gr96t5h.jpg

My office is now the perfect work space for me and I’m so glad I could share it with you! What do you love most about your office?

Sources: Organizer and chair are from HomeGoods. Ceramic knobs are from Target.blogsignature


2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Desk Tour

  1. Bev March 27, 2016 / 12:27 am

    You are so creative, Sarah. And I love this new way of blogging. You are so amazing.


    • 238 Miles Apart March 27, 2016 / 9:21 am

      Thank you! You’re too kind! Deborah and I enjoy sharing this part of our lives with our readers. Thank you for reading!


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