The Yankee in This Southern Belle’s Life

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28 years ago today, the second little boy was born into a Yankee family. Despite his mom hoping he’d be a girl, he turned out all boy. His family made their way down to The Blessed South when he was four, so he claims it as home. He practically grew up outside. He grew his own garden (veggies and roses), camped out with the Boy Scouts, and rode his bike all over creation. He made many a phone calls from the branches of his favorite tree in a field near his house. And I was lucky enough to be at the other end of those phone calls.

Today, we celebrate that moment when the world was made a million times better by Andrew’s entrance into it. He is too modest to say it himself, but I’ll tell you. He’s one of the best examples of a man I know. My husband is an amazing man. Whenever we have a little boy of our own, he will learn how to be a good husband from his daddy’s example, and, whenever we have a little girl, she will accept nothing less than what her daddy does for her mommy. Andrew takes care of me and our house. If something needs fixing, he’s on top of it. He’s the provider and the protector. He’s my firm rock and my soft landing place. He’s there to hold me if I’m crying and to laugh with me when something is hilarious.
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I could go on all day talking about how much I love my husband. I thank God every single day that He chose Andrew for me. When I think of how my life would be without him, it never looks nearly as good as it is now with him. Andrew makes me smile every day, no matter how good or bad my day was. His goofy sense of humor and big smile are enough to brighten any darkness. He has so many good qualities that I don’t even know where to begin. Anyone who spends even just a few hours with him can see how good he is. He’s cool and level headed in even the most stressful situations. He supports me, not just financially, but he supports and encourages me in my dreams and ventures. He’s someone that I want to spend time with. For our trip to Charlotte last week and our trip down to Jacksonville tomorrow, one of the things I most look forward to is those several hours in the car with him. We talk about everything and laugh and tease and enjoy the scenery.

My favorite thing about him is that he truly loves me. Not just the cheerful customer service me. Not just the girl bassist on stage me. Not just the creative hand lettering me. Not just the sweet, cuddly me. Not just the hotheaded, argumentative me. The full me. He loves every part of me, no matter what time of day or night or what mood I’m in. He makes me feel completely safe because I know he’s not going anywhere. There’s no backdoor in our relationship. No matter what happens or what either of us ever says, he’s here to stay. Forever.

 photo IMG_1923_zps0jvbfoxv.jpgHappy birthday, Andrew.
I love you handsome.
You’re my favorite.
Always you.

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