Charlotte, NC, for Business

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Andrew and I took a trip up to Charlotte, North Carolina this past week. I have literally waited for this moment our entire marriage! It was a business trip. I was so excited, I can’t explain why, but I just liked being able to tell people I was going out of town for a few days because my husband had a business trip in the Queen City.

 photo IMG_2408_zpswzmqycm5.jpgWe drove straight from our house (via breakfast and coffee from Biggby Coffee across the street from us) to BREWPUBLIK‘s warehouse on Music Factory Boulevard. Everyone was super chill and let me set up in the “conference room” and use their wifi to get some of my admin work done.

We did lunch at OGGI, a tasty Italian restaurant that was literally across the parking lot. It was delicious! I ordered their handmade spinach ricotta ravioli; it was supposed to come with alfredo sauce, but I asked for regular red marinara sauce. The waiter nodded, but he suggested the pink sauce, which was a mix of the red marinara and the white alfredo sauce. I went with his recommendation, and I was totally happy! Andrew went with the classic meat lasagna, and he wasn’t disappointed either. One of the guys Andrew works with brought us over there, and he was raving about the pizza. It’s next on my list for sure! I will say, the place had a club vibe to it with its dark shades (the wallpaper in the bathroom was deep purple crocodile skin), black and white artwork, and low lighting. It took a minute to get used to, but, with all the light pouring in from the open doors, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
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After Andrew finished, we checked into our hotel. He’s always had good luck at Country Inn & Suites, so they were our first choice. This one looked just like the one we stayed at on our wedding night, complete with free cookies in the lobby 24/7! We took full advantage of the awesome continental breakfast both mornings we were there: they had waffles, fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, donuts, oatmeal, and cereal. They also had hot food that was different each morning. Andrew made breakfast fajitas the first morning, and we had french toast, home fries, and sausage the second morning. The coffee was great too! The staff were all super friendly, and their wifi held up for that day’s admin work as I spent the whole day locked up in the hotel room. I actually didn’t mind, because I found a mini Friends marathon on TV, so I was set. I only wish I’d thought to bring workout clothes so I could have given the gym a go. Unfortunately, the pool was closed, so I didn’t get to dip my toes in the water this trip.

For dinner the first night, we went to Boardwalk Billy’s. They were your classic little-bit-of-everything type restaurant. I ordered the Southern Nachos, and they hit the spot! Most places make their nachos by piling the plate with chips, then dumping everything on top. Not this place. They did layers, so, no matter how far down I went in the pile, I still had stuff on my chips! Also, since I knew I’d be stuck at the hotel the next day, we went ahead and ordered lunch for me. I got the Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich. It actually held up pretty well in the mini fridge til the next afternoon. The staff was great, and we loved sitting on the deck overlooking the lake behind the restaurant.

The next evening, after having finished my leftover nachos and my chicken sandwich for lunch, I wasn’t too hungry. We went back to the boardwalk area and hit up the froyo place, Fruiti Cup, for a lighter dinner. We each got the soft serve frozen yogurt with various toppings. They had a lot of fresh fruit (mmm, mangos!), two different kind of popping bobas, and the little jelly cubes, not to mention candy and your other classic toppings. They’ve recently begun carrying Vietnamese coffee, so Andrew sampled it. He said it honestly just tasted like regular coffee that already had creamer in it. I was excited to get a bubble tea with bobas! I ordered a Mocha with Banana. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure they guy only heard the banana part because that’s all I tasted in the bright yellow concoction, and it was little much for me. Oh well, better luck next time.
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Overall, our trip was great! Even though Andrew spent the majority of it working, it was fun to get away to somewhere we hadn’t been before. It was a bummer having to drive by IKEA and Carowinds without stopping, but we’re thinking we might go back and take a mini vacation for our anniversary this year. There’s so much to do in Charlotte, and the place looks awesome.
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Also, Go Panthers!!!! #KEEPPOUNDING

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