Swimsuits for Any Body Type

The official first day of spring isn’t until March 20, but I’m going to go ahead and call it for Florida. We didn’t have much of a winter this year, and now we’re experiencing all the symptoms of spring. The weather’s warm, the birds are chirping…

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not complaining. I love spring! I’m ready to lay on the beach and soak up some sun just as much as the next girl. But, after my winter hibernation, I’m feeling a little apprehensive about putting a swimsuit on again. Fortunately, there are a ton of options out there that accommodate every body type. (Even if you’re like me and still trying to lose the last of that holiday weight!)

Here are the top three swimsuit styles that look good on everyone!

 photo l_zpshnw0ejt1.jpgThe One-Piece

You can’t go wrong with this classic! A one-piece is perfect for hugging and smoothing your curves in all the right places. Though they weren’t necessarily popular in years past, especially when compared to the bikini, they’re certainly making a comeback now! You can find an assortment of great looking one-piece swimsuits at Aerie, including the one pictured above. I love the high waistline on this one!

 photo l_zpsldgj2ekm.jpgThe High-Waisted Bikini

Speaking of higher waistlines, high-waisted bikinis are a super cute option for those of us with hips! You can find these suits almost anywhere because there is such widespread love for them. This particular one’s from ModCloth, but there are a variety of colors and sizes out there. This style is not only classy, but comfortable. When shopping for your next swimsuit, I definitely recommend giving a high-waisted bikini a try!


 photo l_zpsrioeewf2.jpg

The Tankini

Last but not least, the tankini is the best of both worlds! It’s the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the flexibility of a bikini. (Nothing sucks more than having to peel off a wet one-piece to pee!) The tankini is very versatile and it’s made in so many different ways. You can find strapless and halter options, in loose, flowy material or something a bit more form-fitting, like this one from Target. The tankini is another great option for pretty much anyone!

Whether you’re leaning towards the one-piece, the high-waisted bikini, or the tankini—all three are sure to look great on you! Which swimsuit is your favorite?



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