Celebrating 100

Today is our 100th post! We first wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s been on the journey with us this far. And, whether you’ve been with us since day 1 or you’re just joining us today, we love you and appreciate your support.

We also thought you might want to learn a little bit more about us. So, in honor of post number 100, and to celebrate the reason this blog exists, here are 10 facts about our friendship.

 photo IMG_2902_zps0xkunrwm.jpg

  • We threw a “totally awesome” eighties party together!

Sarah: Deborah and I went through a stage where we watched nothing but classic eighties movies for weeks on end. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink—you name it! Feeling inspired, we decided to throw our own party in tribute to that famous era. We made our own flyers, complete with Beastie Boys lyrics, and invited all of our friends. We dressed up and played Michael Jackson videos. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite memories!

Deborah: I will forever be game for wearing some neon, as I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade. So, a party where it was encouraged, I was totally down for it! My parents contributed some album covers for decoration, and we even made our own Pac-man decorations too. Everyone was such a great sport and actually dressed up too. One of our other friends had just learned the entire choreography for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, so we convinced her to teach us. Pretty sure I’ll never forget this party…

 photo IMG_2903_zpsfvinjiuj.jpg

  • We met at work and became fast friends.

Deborah: LifeWay was my first job. I worked at the one in Charleston for about 6 months, then they let me transfer to the one down in Jacksonville (which is literally about 3 times the size!). It’s funny because I started there in September, and then, come December, Sarah was gone for a week, then I was gone for a week. We both thought we were going to die without seeing each other for those 2 whole weeks, despite having only known each other for about 3 months!

Sarah: We started hanging out together outside of work and basically became inseparable. What started as shopping and frozen yogurt after work turned into beach days and sleepovers. I’ll always be thankful for my LifeWay days because they gave me the best friend I’ve ever had.

  • We were almost roommates.

Sarah: Because I attended college in my hometown, I lived with my parents while I went to school. It was fine, but I really wanted to be out on my own—and by that I mean share an apartment with Deborah. We were so close to making it happen, too! The weekend I was supposed to move in, the air conditioning went out at Deborah’s place and my family insisted that I wait to move until it was fixed. During that time, other issues arose and it was decided that I would not be moving in with Deborah after all. 😦 On the bright side, maybe not living together is how we remain such good friends to this day!

Deborah: We were actually pretty close several times. Over the course of my living down there for four years, my house needed a third roommate a few times. And everybody loves Sarah (how could you not?), so she was always our first choice. I’m kinda bummed we never got the chance to live together, but, like she said, it can get dicey living with your best friend if you’re not careful. Though, I’d totally be down with living right next door to her now!

 photo IMG_2904_zpsmdzroedk.jpg

  • We’ve traveled to Savannah, Sarasota, Orlando and Saint Augustine together.

Deborah: Sarah’s always been good at planning vacations, as you saw yesterday, and I was always happy to join her. It’s always a good time when we’re able to get away from our everyday lives and just enjoy hanging out together. Plus, she’s a beast at finding great restaurants!

Sarah: Even before we were long-distance besties, Deborah and I loved taking road trips. We took day-trips to Saint Augustine and traveled to Sarasota for another friend’s wedding. We even made it to Disney World in Orlando to celebrate Deborah’s 21st birthday!! And, now that we’re separated by 238 miles, we’ve met halfway in Savannah several times. I can’t wait to plan our next travel adventure!

  • The first time we ever saw Top Gun was in a wide open field at a Movies at the Beach event in Jacksonville.

Sarah: Speaking of our love for eighties movies, we got to watch this one in a unique way. Always up for a good time (especially when it’s free), Deborah and I drove out to Jax Beach one night for their Moonlight Movies series. We had a lot of fun watching Top Gun on a huge projector screen set up at the outdoor pavilion.

Deborah: Even though a friend from work told us “Goose dies,” we still had a great time! They do a similar thing when the temperatures get warmer up here in Charleston, and I always thing of Sarah when I see those announcements. I might have to convince her to come up here to see another movie…

  • Sarah started the Grey’s Anatomy obsession we have.

Deborah: Ah, Meredith and Cristina. The Twisted Sisters. It’s amusing because we’re not actually that much like them. They both have tons of issues, and, being human, we have issues too. But what we really relate to is their unwavering loyalty to each other. They help each other through the good and the bad, and Sarah and I do that too. Also, who doesn’t like a good medical drama that’s ultimately just a prime time soap opera? 😉

Sarah: It’s true—it’s all my fault! I fell in love with the show when it first came on in 2005, two years before I met Deborah. When we became best friends, I knew I had to explain the whole “you’re my person” thing to her. So, we started watching the show together, from the beginning, and it became our favorite.

  • We’ve taken turns supporting each other during breakups and the awkward run-ins afterwards.

Sarah: One of the best things about having a best friend is that they’re always there for you. Deborah has certainly supported me through my share of highs and lows when it comes to relationships. From listening to stories of awkward first dates to letting me cry on her shoulder when my heart got broken, she’s always been there to encourage me and make me laugh. She was even with me the night I met Ryan and has celebrated every milestone in our relationship with us!

Deborah: I remember that night! I was so proud of myself because it was a group of us that hung out, and it included a walk on the beach. I did the best friend thing and hung back far enough to give Sarah and Ryan some privacy, but close enough to rescue her if the need arose. Haha! Luckily, she didn’t need rescuing. We went to another friend’s wedding together after I’d moved back to Charleston, and my ex was there with his new girlfriend. Even though we never even made eye contact, she totally understood when I wanted to leave early. I said my hello’s to the bride and groom, and we hightailed it outta there! And Sarah never tried to talk me out of it. She just said, “If you want to leave, we’ll leave.”

 photo PicMonkey Maid of Honor Collage_zpsrbb2hbvi.jpg

  • We were maids-of-honor in each other’s weddings, just a few months apart.

Deborah: Sarah said one time that she was glad I got married first, so she could see how it was done. I’m glad I got married first so I could see how to be such a great maid-of-honor! Sarah was amazing, and I’m so glad she was able to drive up here both for the weekend of picking out her bridesmaid dress and for the actual wedding. I was more than happy to do the same for her, and I’m so glad that we are in each other’s wedding albums forever.

Sarah: I loved being Deborah’s maid-of-honor! It was so special for me to share that with her and help her make it one of the best days of her life. In turn, having Deborah by my side made my wedding day absolutely perfect! She helped keep me calm and made sure all the little details were taken care of so I didn’t have to worry. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her!

  • Since starting this blog, we really have gotten closer!

Sarah: Deborah and I have never been great at keeping in touch. Thankfully, we’ve always been able to pick up right where we left off! But, ever since we started working on this blog together, we’ve started calling each other more and we message each other practically every day. Not to mention, Deborah’s gotten really good at sending snail mail, which I love!!

Deborah: Even if it’s only blog-related stuff, we do talk every day. I love it. Some days, 238 miles might as well be a million miles, but having this project that we work on together has truly brought us together. Also, reading each other’s posts has opened us up not just to our readers, but also to each other. Because the blog is a constant reminder of my friendship with Sarah, it keeps her on my mind practically all the time, and I think it’s a great thing to always be thinking of your best friend!

  • Fall 2017 will mark 10 years of friendship for us!

We can’t believe that next year will mark a decade of friendship for us! It’s gone by so fast and it’s been so much fun! We are thankful for each other and for this opportunity to share a little bit of our lives with you. We look forward to making more memories together and sharing them with you–our new friends! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 100

  1. Charlotte Lanning March 5, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    2017 will mark 40 years with my best friend. Friendship is a wonderful gift from God! You girls have some exciting years ahead of you. Treasure your friendship, there’s nothing like it.
    I guess I should let y’all know that I’m Deborah’s mom. I’m so proud of her and I’m grateful that she has found her person.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 238 Miles Apart March 5, 2016 / 1:36 pm

      Thank you!!! We can’t wait to hit 40 years in our friendship! 😊😊😊


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