Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!

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In case you’re new around here, we love coffee. I mean, like, loooove coffee. As in, Lorelai-Gilmore-is-our-spirit-animal kind of love coffee. Every day, no matter what time of day, we’re down for coffee. It’s the perfect drink, really. It wakes you up in the morning to start your day, and it keeps you awake at night for late night best friend meet-ups. Unfortunately, unlike it is for Lorelai, your favorite coffee shop is not always open. But your kitchen is!

 photo Nwge2WZstSms_zpskedv7lqc.gifThe first thing you need for making good coffee is obviously your beans. In my house, we drink enough of the stuff that it’s cheaper for us to buy whole beans. We grind the beans as we need them, which gives them the freshest flavor. We received the Cuisinart® Grind Central™ Coffee Grinder as a wedding gift, and it’s great! Also, at $29.95 retail price, you can’t really lose.

Now, there are three different ways we do coffee in my house, though there are many more options out there. There’s drip coffee, a French press, and cold brew.

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Drip coffee is the most common way of making coffee at home. It’s your traditional scoop the coffee grinds into the filter, add the water, and wait for it to drip into the waiting receptacle. It’s how my grandpa did it all day, everyday. He had a Mr. Coffee® coffee maker, and that thing was never empty! A lot of us these days have some version of a Keurig® to brew single cup portions. These are great because they’re fast! Perfect for the on-the-go girl (or guy). In fact, Keurig® even has the My K-cup filter for using those freshly ground coffee beans.

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The preferred method around my house, as I mentioned yesterday, is the French press. And actually, if you plan it right, you can have your coffee using this method every day too! Andrew used to do it even when he was still working outside of the house. As soon as he got up, he’d put on a pot of water to boil. He’d grind the coffee and pour it in the press. By the time he was done in the bathroom brushing his teeth and such, the water was boiling. He’d pour it over the grounds and let it sit for about 30 minutes while he got dressed and ate breakfast. Then, pour it in a travel mug and dash! Now, he spreads it out throughout the day. The French press method provides a smoother and less acidic brew, but it does take about 30-45 minutes from start to finish, so plan accordingly. The best French press, in my opinion, is a Bodum® CHAMBORD®. It’s probably what comes to anyone’s mind when a French press is mentioned.

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Cold press coffee is my favorite when it comes to iced coffee. I figured out pretty quickly that hot coffee poured over ice doesn’t really work for obvious reasons. And drinking hot coffee that has cooled down to room temperature doesn’t really work either (can’t explain it, it just doesn’t. Haha!). This is another method where I like to use the French press, but it’s not necessary. Basically, you’re doing almost the same thing as the French press: grind coffee, add water, let it sit. There are two big differences though. First, you want to use cold water; second, instead of 30 minutes, you want this concoction to sit for 6-8 hours. It takes a little more planning, but I usually make mine while dinner is cooking the night before, then I stick it in the fridge overnight. That way, it’s ready in time for breakfast!

Basically, you can have your coffee any number of ways right in your very own kitchen. Save a few bucks, and ensure that your drink is made just the way you like it. Also, what better way to make sure the coffee flows freely?!
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4 thoughts on “Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!

  1. Made in Rome February 23, 2016 / 8:57 am

    Nice write up. I’m impressed that you grind the beans fresh. We usually just fill our french press with the pre-ground stuff. Also, we’re big fans of cold-brewed iced coffee. You’re right… huge time and money saver!


    • 238 Miles Apart February 23, 2016 / 9:55 am

      Thanks! We like to buy the local stuff, and it’s honestly cheaper to buy the bulk whole beans. Grinding adds about 30 seconds to the whole routine, so it’s definitely worth it!


  2. Kathy February 24, 2016 / 2:49 am

    I thought I was the only one who has 3 coffee brewers including Cuisinart Drip, Keurig and the best ever French press. we know all 3 have their own benefits and they just fulfil our different coffee tastes at different times. I too love cold brew after work, I started before with Cold water but Sarah I found, if you brew it with room temperature water, it taste better, may be it’s kinda my taste and instead of water ice cubes, I use coffee cubes, that doesn’t dilute taste of cold brew. Between, I just created a list of few machines which can save much money.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 238 Miles Apart February 24, 2016 / 7:45 am

      We totally agree, Kathy! The coffee ice cubes are a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


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