DIY Wreath for Spring

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it seems like everyone is looking forward to spring and warmer weather! Clothing stores are full of swimsuits and shorts; and, Easter decorations have lined the aisles of mass merchandisers for weeks.

One of the easiest ways to welcome in a new season, is with a pretty wreath on your front door. My door’s been naked since New Year’s so a new wreath is warranted. I love making my own, so I went to Michaels over the weekend and purchased the supplies I needed.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to creating your own DIY floral wreath—just in time for spring!

You will need:

  • one grapevine wreath
  • ribbon of your choice
  • florist wire
  • wire-cutters
  • assorted flowers

 photo IMG_2675_zpsr6lao54a.jpg

When you select flowers for your wreath, I recommend using three large flowers, two medium, and one set of small stem flowers. (I chose hydrangeas, ranunculus, and some small blue flowers.)

 photo IMG_2682_zpsmloxtvlh.jpg

Start by tying the ribbon in a bow around the wreath, at the appropriate hanging height. Then, trim all of the flowers you will be using with wire cutters. The stems should be just long enough to go through the wreath to the other side.

 photo IMG_2683_zpszzdvodoa.jpg

Arrange all of the flowers on the wreath, sticking the stems through the vines to finalize their placement.

 photo IMG_2686_zpsxyvoeqw1.jpg

Once you have them set perfectly, flip the wreath over and use the florist wire to attach the flower stems to the wreath. Twist each wire a couple of times and tuck it back into the wreath to hold the flowers in place.

 photo IMG_2685_zpsesk2xrrl.jpg

When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful wreath to welcome spring and guests into your home! 🙂 Enjoy!



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