Last Minute Gift Ideas that Won’t Cost a Thing

Okay, people. Valentine’s Day is officially two days away! If you don’t already have a gift for your significant other, now’s probably a good time to get on that. After all, no one wants to be that guy (or girl) frantically searching for the perfect card and gift the day before Valentine’s Day. Or worse, the DAY OF. (We witnessed this many times when we used to work retail!)

Now we know life gets busy. Maybe you had every intention to have this done by now, but your kid got sick or your car’s been in the shop. It happens. Lucky for you, you still have time to pull off an amazing Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift, without rushing to the store. Here are some thoughtful, last-minute gifts that won’t cost you anything.

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Valentine's Day)

  • Pamper your spouse. Draw your spouse a luxurious bubble bath for one (or two!), complete with candles and a nice glass of wine. Or, give them a relaxing back massage and foot rub with some lotion or essential oils. Either way, romance is guaranteed!
  • Write them a love letter. No one writes letters anymore! This is a great way to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Surprise them by mixing it in with the other mail in your mailbox or hiding it in their car to find on their way to work. A love letter is more than signing your name to a Hallmark message; it’s putting your feelings into your own words. It will be a keepsake for them to treasure and it’s sure to score you major brownie points!

 photo food-pot-kitchen-cooking_zpsklgblzoo.jpg

  • Make their favorite meal. If your spouse loves breakfast, serve them breakfast in bed. If it’s steak, cook steaks on the grill and eat outside! Even if it’s something as simple as chocolate-covered strawberries, your special someone will appreciate the time you took to make their favorite food. And, it’s true what they say, romance starts in the kitchen! 🙂
  • Have a candlelit dinner. After you’ve made that favorite meal of theirs, grab a couple candles and set the mood! Just about everyone has a few random candles sitting around, so put them to good use. Pull out the good dishes too, to make it extra special. Turn on some nice music, and spend the meal focusing on your significant other.
  • Curl up on the couch with a movie. Grab a favorite off the shelf or scroll through Netflix to find a hidden gem. But, be sure that you’re snuggling under a cozy blanket. And, hey, nobody said you had to watch the movie… 😉

 photo walking_zpshjncnt2a.jpg

  • Go for a walk. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has nice weather this time of year, take advantage of it! Watch the sunrise from a rooftop, take an afternoon stroll through the park, or go for a midnight walk on the beach. Even if you don’t have that perfect weather, bundle up and go for a walk anyway. Getting away from the usual distractions that you encounter at home makes it so much easier to focus on your sweetheart.
  • Create your own scavenger hunt. Make your own set of clues and place them around the house, leading your significant other to their gifts. Or, if you’ve got mad skills, hide clues around town and lead them to places that are special to both of you, like where you shared your first kiss. You can also make it a photo scavenger hunt and use the pictures to create a unique gift. What a great idea!

 photo man-hand-car-black_zps19ncr8la.jpg

  • Complete an act of service. Do something for your spouse that you wouldn’t typically do for them, because they usually do it themselves. For example, if you know your husband loves having a clean car and spends his Saturday mornings washing it—do it for him for a change. He’ll be surprised and will love the opportunity to sleep in and have more time with you.
  • Create a personalized coupon book. This is a tried and true gift for anyone, because you can personalize it as much as you like! Whether you use a cute printable like this one or create your own entirely, you can make it as sweet or as spicy as you want! 😉
  • Talk in bed. Lastly, what better way to end Valentine’s Day than by snuggling up under the blanket with your sweetie and just having a good heart-to-heart conversation. Not saying that it can’t lead to something else, but, when you each put down the phones, the remote, or even the books, and focus on each other, anything can happen.

So, now you have no excuse! Even if you still wake up Sunday morning and realize you’ve let the day arrive with no preparation, you can totally borrow one of our ideas, and blow your sweetheart’s mind.

Do you have some other no-money-spent gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Tell us about them in the comments!



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