Valentine’s Favorites

This coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day! Don’t you just love the idea of a weekend devoted to love and romance right after a weekend of couch-sitting and football? We do!! That’s why we’re focusing on all of the things we love about Valentine’s Day! Here are our favorite restaurants, candy and gifts to celebrate with!

Valentine's Favorites of the Week


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  • Carrabba’s: I’m not big on chain restaurants—I prefer to support small businesses when I can. But, I always make an exception for Carrabba’s, because it’s where Ryan and I had our first date. Let me be honest, it wasn’t a great date. We were both incredibly nervous and the wait staff acted very formal, which only made it more awkward! We might not have even had a second date, if it weren’t for Ryan suggesting we get coffee afterwards, where we relaxed and ended up talking for two hours straight! (Yes, Starbucks has a special place in our hearts, too!) Anyway, for our second Valentine’s Day together, Ryan surprised me by taking me back to Carrabba’s, where it all began. And funny enough, they sat us at the exact same table we had on our first date!! What are the chances?! Every now and then, we like to go back to Carrabba’s and remember where we started… It’s going to be a perfect Valentine’s Day. —Sarah
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  • Toast!: Toast! of Charleston (or Summerville, in our case) is a local restaurant Andrew and I stumbled onto by accident. One of our old favorites, Roma Tomatoes (actually, it’s the restaurant where we intended to eat to celebrate our engagement), used to be in Toast!’s location. Alas, Roma closed down, and Toast! replaced it. Out of curiosity, we tried it for breakfast one day, and we haven’t regretted it. We’re definitely breakfast people, but we like to sleep in too. So, it’s great to find a place that offers breakfast til 4pm. They have great dinner there too, but the breakfast is definitely what keeps us coming back. We even took Sarah and Ryan in there when they visited last year! —Deborah


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  • Chocolate-covered strawberries: My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is chocolate-covered strawberries! We rarely have sweets in the house and I’m not really into candy, but I’ll eat rich, juicy strawberries dipped in decadent dark chocolate any day! I surprised Ryan with them the first Valentine’s Day we were married and since then, it’s become a Valentine’s tradition. —Sarah
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  • Godiva’s Signature Truffles: I’m a chocolate lover, through and through. So, an entire holiday whose main treat is chocolate? I’m all over that! My brother actually gave us this exact box of truffles for this past Christmas, and Andrew and I both love it. There’s enough of a variety that you get your classic truffles with a few oddities mixed in (hello, Aztec Spice). Plus, there’s two of each flavor, so it’s perfect for splitting with your sweetie. ❤ —Deborah


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  • Quality time: One of my love languages is quality time so it’s no surprise that I’d rather receive the gift of an experience over a physical object. That’s why our anniversary is always spent traveling somewhere! I’m thankful that we both prefer spending our money on an activity to do together; whether it’s kayaking or hiking, or treating ourselves to a fancy dinner out. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and jewelry as much as the next girl—it’s just not the way to my heart. —Sarah
  • Tie-dye roses: When we first started dating (actually, when Andrew was still trying to get me to say yes to dating him…) in high school, Andrew grew his own roses. Including this beauty. He brought one into a homeschool meeting just for me, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s funny because I’m not usually a big fan of roses. But, even while I was living down in Florida and not even on speaking terms with Andrew, every time I’d see these, I always thought of him. Just about any time he buys me flowers, these are what he gets. I love how bright and cheerful they are, and, now that I have my own desk, I’m hoping he gets me a bouquet this weekend so I can set them right next to my computer. —Deborah


How about you? Are you a classic flowers-chocolate-teddy bear person? Or do you like to go outside the box for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!



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