10 Tattoos to Get With Your BFF

Tattoos. Everyone knows several people who have them, if you don’t have them yourself. And, who better to get a matching one with than your best friend. Here’s some of our favorites…

  1. State locations, for those of us who are long distance.
     photo states_zpszjvmgyph.png
  2. A quote from your favorite movie or TV show…
     photo moment-I-swear-we-were-infinite_zpsojvfsbwp.jpg
  3. Or your favorite book.
     photo the kite runner_zpshwgqisll.jpg
  4. Morse code for each other’s name or initials.
     photo morse coded_zpsvlshs4cs.jpg
  5. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.”
     photo PBampJ_zps3vxp6ptw.jpg
  6. Coordinates for a place that’s special to you both. photo coordinates_zpsp1lt5ppl.jpg
  7. Pinky promise that you’ll be best friends forever.
     photo pinkypromise_zpszsbvadqr.jpg
  8. Show everyone that you fit together perfectly.
     photo puzzlepieces_zpstngxwshv.jpg
  9. Cartoon best friends.
     photo 38-cute-cartoon-wrist-tattoos_zpsygfnjhhw.jpg
  10. A tin can telephone to remind you to stay in touch, no matter the distance.
     photo telephone_zpsvt9i9ynq.jpg


Do you and your best friend have matching or joint tattoos? Send us a picture!

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