Surviving the Big Freeze

Well, it finally happened, y’all.

It got cold. Ugh. I tell everyone that I live in The South because I am not made for the cold. I will say that I’m glad it usually takes a while before the temperatures drop around here. We’re halfway through January, and it’s just now dropping to freezing. It’s not too bad once the sun is out in the afternoon, but, when I’m up and outside while it’s still dark, it’s no bueño.

Because my husband is so amazing, on mornings I have to go into work, he scrapes my windows and starts my car for me so it’s nice and warm. I appreciate it so much, but there are definitely some things I’d rather be doing.

Surviving the Big Freeze

  • Drink something hot. Coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, whatever floats your boat. It’s easier to warm up your outsides once you’ve warmed your insides. This is another great time to use your crockpot, so you can have a good smelling house and something warm to drink too!
  • Wear something warm. Pull out that old favorite sweatshirt or sweater, or, my favorite, swipe one of your S.O.’s flannel shirts! Bonus points if it still has a little of his cologne on it. 😉 I have a favorite sweatshirt that’s covered in the 101 dalmatians, and I love wearing it when it gets chilly. And don’t forget your warm fuzzy slippers!
  • Light a fire. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, light ‘er up! My favorite thing to do is to set up in the same room for the day. It’ll warm you up without jacking up your heating bill. Plus, who can pass up the crackling of a fire on a cold winter day?
  • Make yourself a big bowl of soup. My favorite combo is tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It’s filling, and it tastes amazing! Or, if you’re not already using your crockpot for apple cider, toss everything in for some delicious chili. It’ll be ready quick enough to have for lunch or dinner.
  • Sleep in. If all else fails, and you can afford the luxury, treat yourself to a no-alarm morning and stay bundled up under as many blankets as you can!

Despite being a bigger fan of warm temperatures, with the right stuff, I can handle a few weeks of the cold. But, as soon as I can break out my flip flops again, I’ll be a happy camper!

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