Using a Planner to Stay Organized

 photo foil-confetti.1435699096_zpsxrcix9x7.jpg

The easiest way for me to stay organized is to use my Gold Confetti Planner from Paper Source. In fact, I spend my Sunday afternoons watching football and planning out my week.


 photo IMG_2389_zpsa0fuk8yg.jpg

Each day has four sections, so it’s easy to separate my tasks into different categories. I start by dividing the pages in half with black and gold washi tape, designating the top half for personal things and the bottom half for blog stuff.

 photo IMG_2387_zpssrladrd1.jpg

The personal section includes my daily cleaning tasks (taken from Clean Mama’s weekly schedule) and any errands I need to run. I also have a space for monitoring my daily health goals. This is where I record our weekly meal plan, focusing on dinner, and any exercise I do that day. I also keep track of how many glasses of water I drink because that’s something I need to do more of. It’s a simple way to hold myself accountable and it feels really good to look back at a healthy, productive week.

 photo IMG_2388_zpspefy5qrd.jpg

The blog section includes the blog titles for each day and a to-do checklist. This is where I write down any tasks that need to be completed for the blog, i.e. social media posts and editing. Sometimes the tasks are the same every day; and sometimes, “make graphics,” or something like it, gets added to the list.

 photo IMG_2384_zpsmkp97yql.jpg

Finally, I always like to include stickers and inspirational quotes. It’s a creative way for me to add some personality to my planner while keeping myself motivated! (The stickers are from The Happy Planner line at Michaels and the quotes were free downloads I found on Pinterest. Just search “free planner printables.”)

Do you have a planner? Let me know what your favorite way to stay organized is!



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