Current Favorites

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Well, it’s the second week of January and we finally feel like everything’s normal again. The Christmas decorations are put away and our regular eating habits have been reinstated. 🙂 That being said, after taking a break over the holidays, we’re happy to bring back our list of current favorites! Here’s what we’re loving this week.

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Sarah’s loving:

  • EOS lip balm: I’m one of those people that’s constantly applying chapstick. I always have it with me, I’m never without it. I put it on first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed each night. And, because I use it so often, you can trust I know which brands are best. I used to use Carmex, but I didn’t like how thick it went on. Then, a friend recommended EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balm and it became my new favorite! It comes in these adorable spherical containers and is almost completely organic. 100% natural and paraben free, EOS uses ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and smooth. It’s honestly the best lip balm I’ve ever tried and I love all of the different flavors that are available! While it’s more expensive than traditional chapstick, it’s longer-lasting and of higher quality, in my opinion. Fortunately, I was able to score a 4-pack for less than $8 at Sam’s Club, so I’ll be stocked up for a while!
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  • “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz: This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while but, since two of my goals for this year are to eat healthier and exercise more, reading it now is even more appropriate. It was recently released in paperback, so my mom and I actually decided to get a copy to share! I’m about a quarter into the book and it’s absolutely fascinating! I absolutely love that it’s written from the perspective of wanting readers to learn to love the amazing bodies we’ve been given. The book is divided into three sections: Nutrition, Fitness, and Mind. It covers everything from the history of processed food and diet fads to the roles our hormones play in our appetites. There’s a ton of valuable information in there and I can’t wait to read more! I highly recommend it.

 photo IMG_2370_zpskziwipb8.jpg

  • Downton Abbey: Yay!! The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey has come to America! The second episode of the season aired on PBS last night. In case you missed it, you can view the first two episodes on in their entirety, for a limited time. If you’ve never watched the show before, you have to start at the beginning. Find someone with the DVDs or something. I cannot express how much I love this show, or how sad I am that it’s coming to an end. If you love period dramas or Jane Austen-esque romance, this show is for you!

 photo DowntonAbbey2015_638x223_BestSeller_zps49gvv3bv.jpg
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Deborah’s loving:

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Oh yes! I finally went and saw the newest chapter of the Star Wars franchise this past week. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. I will tell you it’s worth springing the extra few bucks to see it in IMAX; here around town, all the IMAX showings were also 3D, so that added a few more bucks to the price, but I didn’t mind it. There weren’t a ton of 3D-heavy scenes, but ya gotta see it on as big a screen as you can find! I loved that all the original cast members were there, and we got a chance to see what they’ve been up to for the past 25-30 years in that galaxy far, far away…

  • Pentago: Andrew and I like having game nights at home, but it’s hard to find games that work for just two people. We’ve got chess, checkers, mancala, Battleship, and a deck of cards, but this week we discovered a new game: Pentago. It’s basically like tic-tac-toe on steroids, with versions for 2-4 people. The box says it takes seconds to learn, but years to master. The object of the game is to get five pieces in a row, but each square can be rotated (and has to be as part of each turn, once they’ve all been played on). It really is a simple game, and, once we each got the hang of it, we were pretty well matched! A game night with conversation and laughter is a nice change of pace from our usual Netflix and dinner.
 photo pentago_zpso9ssapav.jpg
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  • Hard Rock Cafe: I love the Hard Rock! When I was down in Florida, I thought the Hard Rock was a fancier restaurant, so I never went to the one in Orlando. Our honeymoon was the first time I ever went, and now I try to go any time I find a new one! Andrew and I went to the one in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and, most recently, the one in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas. We always get one of the logo magnets, and I get a t-shirt! Their food is pretty good, but you really go for the memorabilia. I’ve seen Stevie Nicks’ fringe vest, Elton John’s platform shoes, and one of Elvis’ capes! Andrew doesn’t really care about the stuff, but he always indulges me as I run around the restaurant taking pictures. Plus, they’ve got some tasty drinks that come in collectible Hard Rock glasses you get to take home!

 photo hardrocknassau_zps7dwu8czk.jpg

So there you have it. We’re digging movies, TV shows, books, restaurants, games, and lip balm right now. What are some of your favorite things of the moment?



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