Keeping in Touch

Yesterday marked the 4 year anniversary of my move back to Charleston from Jacksonville. It was a rough day. It still gets me a little down when I think about it because, despite the various bad decisions I did make while I was in Florida, I had built a life for myself. I had gotten myself a job, I had made friends, I had my usual hangouts, I knew my way around, and I had made the best friend in the world. In fact, if Sarah had been there the day that I moved, I’m slightly worried I might’ve not gone through with it… Haha! But, it of course all turned out for the best. Mostly.

In case you missed the entire point of this blog, Sarah and I are still best friends, but our friendship still spans a great distance. 238 miles, to be exact. Trust me, we checked. With our busy lives and husbands and just the world in general, it can be very easy to not stay in touch with long distance friends. It never bothered us too much because, whenever we did chat or get together for a day, we always picked up right where we left off, like best friends do. Since we’ve started this blog, though, we’ve talked almost every day to some extent, and it’s made a world of difference.


So, whether your friend lives across the street or across the country, I’ve got a few ideas to help you stay in touch better this year!

  • Phone calls: Crazy, right? You know that thing you carry around all day checking Facebook and crushing candy on? It makes calls too! If you know you’ve got 10-15 minutes to spare, call your best friend up. Hopefully she’ll be free too, but even if she’s not, leave her a sweet voicemail. Just a simple “Hi, I was thinking of you!” will go a long way to brighten her day. And if she’s free when you are, talk about anything! Tell her about that cute dress you saw at the mall the other day or how much you love the newest drink at your favorite coffee shop. Just knowing that you thought of her will be the highlight of her day. Bonus points if you take the time and set up a phone date to ensure you’re both available! Because, face it, 15 minutes can easily stretch into 2 hours. 😉
  • Text messages: I know I just told you to use your cell phone to call your best friend, but, come on, I’m not a savage! I get that it can sometimes be a little difficult to find the free time to make an actual call. Especially if it’s just one quick thought you want to convey. Whether you use your text messaging app or Facebook messenger (I love the stickers!), a quick text is great if you know one or both of you can’t talk at the moment. If she’s in class or you’re at work, it’s okay! Best friends are always thinking of each other, so snap a picture of that funny picture you saw in the break room. Maybe her professor just said something equally hilarious, and you can both share in the little moments of each other’s day.
  • Snail mail: One thing I told myself that I wanted to do this year was to get better about sending snail mail. Whether it’s a postcard, a letter, or a package, everyone loves getting real mail! When Sarah sent me my Christmas package, even though I was expecting it, it was still super exciting to actually receive it. Imagine how much fun it is to get mail when you’re not expecting it. This is especially great if you don’t live near each other. Stop by a local gift shop (or even some gas stations) and pick up a postcard with some local sights on it. A simple “Wish you were here” also shows that you’re thinking of your best friend. Don’t tell Sarah, but I’m thinking about getting some cute cards and stationary and practicing my snail mail skills on her! Shhhh!

I know these all seem like obvious things, but how often do we actually do them? We either get so swept up in the our everyday lives that we forget, or we sit around waiting for the other person to make the first move. Forget that! Go for it! Make the first move yourself. Never let someone who is as special to you as your best friend is forget how much you love her and how much you value her friendship.

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