2016 Reading List


Okay, so I hope your New Year’s resolutions and goals are going well so far. We’re almost done with the first week of 2016, so… Haha! I know some of my goals will take more work than others because they will require me to form new {better+healthier+smarter} habits, but there’s one that I’m especially excited about. It’s also probably one of my easiest ones because it goes back to a lifelong love I’ve had: reading. As a kid, I was always reading. I was that kid that hid a book under her pillow at night and stayed up with a flashlight under the blanket to finish it! Unfortunately, as I grew older, I took on the responsibilities of being an adult and time isn’t always the luxury that it used to be. (Also, I share my bed with my hubby, and he’s not too keen on the late night flashlight!) Also, my library is pretty small. But, I have an awesome used book store a few doors down from my job that makes it possible to buy myself new books! Hubby and I are also considering buying a Kindle when money becomes available, and digital books can be cheaper too. Although, nothing beats the smell and feel of a good, old-fashioned, paper book.

Sarah loves to read too! At one point, she told me it was a dream of hers to one day own her own book store, filled with all kinds of old books. Every time I see one of those classics that have the old looking cover, I think of her. So, when I stumbled upon this reading list last week, I had to show her! It’s a great list for a few reasons. First, there are only 12 categories on the list; this means there’s only one book each month. Totally doable! Second, instead of specific books, it’s a list of categories; this means that you can mold your list to fit you and your tastes. My problem last year was that I was reading a book that didn’t really grab me, and I ended up getting hung up on it. That should be easily avoided this year, though!

 photo IMG_2371_zpsviqgusxc.jpeg
Image credit: Modern Mrs. Darcy.

The list comes from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Her blog is great, and it has tons of book-related posts. She even links to some book ideas in her post about the list.

So, print out the list, stick it on your fridge, and join us as we get back to our first love this year: reading.

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