Our Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! It’s the start of 2016 and a time for reflecting on the things we want to change and/or accomplish in our lives. While New Year’s resolutions are notorious for not being kept, we hope that by sharing our goals with you, you will hold us accountable and we will stay true to these desires throughout the year. Wish us luck!

 photo Our Goals for 2016_zpsst3yfelt.jpg

Sarah’s Goals:
When I first sat down to make a list of resolutions for this year, I started writing and couldn’t stop. Apparently, there are a lot of things I’d like to address in my life—big and small! (This may or may not be a good thing.) In the spirit of simplifying things, I divided my resolutions into four categories: myself, my marriage, my home, and my business.

For Myself:

  • Start exercising 30 minutes a day.
  • Eat healthier. (More veggies, less red meat and processed food.)
  • Read more—at least one book a month.

For My Marriage:

  • Do a daily devotional with my husband. (Two are better than one.)
  • Have a weekly date night—whether it’s a night on the town or a game night at home.
  • Travel more. We love visiting new places!

For My Home:

  • Be more organized. (Office remodel!)
  • Get on a cleaning schedule—like Clean Mama’s—where you have daily tasks instead of a long list to complete once a week.

For My Business:

  • Open an Etsy shop. This has been a long-time goal for me and I’d like 2016 to be the year I make it happen!

Deborah’s Goals:
I’m not going to lie. After I read over Sarah’s goals, I had mixed feelings: part of me was like “Yeah, me too!” and the other part was like “Wow, now Sarah’s going to make me look bad!” Haha! Luckily though, the two of us having similar goals will make it that much easier for us to help each other be accountable. So, in the spirit of similarity, I decided to break mine down into the same categories.

For Myself:

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week. Between tennis and walking around the pond down the street, this should be a fun way to spend time with my husband.
  • Get back to my love of reading. I think Sarah and I (and some other friends!) are going to do a year-long reading list together. More on that soon!
  • Unplug more often. After spending a week away from my phone and computer on the cruise, I know how refreshing this is.
  • Work on my time management skills.

For My Marriage:

  • Pray with my husband. Even if it’s just for five minutes after we turn out the lights each night, I think this is a good habit to form.
  • Visit at least one new place this year. We managed to go to two new places in 2015 (Helen, Georgia for our anniversary trip and The Bahamas on our cruise), and it’s something I’d like to do every year if possible.

For My Home:

  • Try a few new recipes each month, and eat healthier at home more often.
  • Get cleaned and organized. My husband and I hate household chores, so they easily fall by the wayside. Definitely something for us to work on this year!

For My Business:

  • Create time to work on pieces to sell on Etsy. (Because I’d also like to have an Etsy shop!)
  • Have a job that I genuinely enjoy (whether it’s out in the world or staying at home).

How about you? Do you have similar goals to ours, or do you have completely different ones? Let us know so we can all conquer 2016 together!



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