Exchanging Christmas Gifts

One of the best things about sharing this blog is that it’s brought us closer together, even across the miles. We talk almost every day now, as opposed to once every few months. And, for the first time since living in the same city, we exchanged Christmas gifts this year! We set a $25 limit (not including shipping) and sent them to each other, with time to open them before Christmas. In fact, we opened them yesterday while talking to each other on the phone! Here’s what we got.


 photo IMG_2113_zpswnqpbeue.jpg

S: I love this bumper sticker! It reads, “Backpacking. Climbing. French Kissing. Mountaineering. Trail Running.” You know, just some of my favorite things. 🙂 I used to have one years ago, but when Ryan and I got married, the bumper sticker was drawn on when the bridal party decorated the car. After that, it started peeling until the sticker was no good. I was sad to lose it and Deborah, knowing that, thoughtfully replaced it for me this Christmas! I can’t wait to put it on our new car!

D: I’ve got a slew of stickers on my bass case, but I know Sarah likes to display hers on her car. I figured since her old one got messed up anyway, and she got a new car, she definitely needed a new Moosejaw sticker! Every time I see one on someone else’s car, I think of her.

 photo IMG_2112_zps7an4tyjr.jpg

S: This mug is so pretty! I love the fact that it’s clear, which is so unique. And it’s decorated with my favorite—gold confetti! It will definitely get a lot of use from this coffee-loving, tea-drinking girl.

D: When I saw this mug, I immediately had to get it for Sarah! It matches her planner, and it’s glass, which is not too common. It’s unique, just like her! I was just super nervous about shipping it… Thankfully, it made it all in one piece. Haha!

S: How cool is this?! Deborah got one for her birthday and I was immediately kind of jealous. She didn’t know that though, so I was totally surprised to find this in my box. This binder will keep all of my recipes organized in an easy, fun way. I cook pretty much every night, so I can’t wait to start adding to it! I especially love that Deborah included her Crockpot Chili recipe in the “Slow Cooker” section!

D: Like Sarah said, this is the same thing Andrew got me for my birthday. I got it for a really good deal, and I couldn’t pass it up since I know Sarah is doing a ton of cooking now. I figured it’d be nice for her to have a cute place to keep all the new recipes she tries. And, apparently she’d been trying to use a 3-ring binder and page protectors, but to no avail. This recipe organizer will totally fix that problem! And, it’s a great way for us to share recipes with each other since we’re all matchy-matchy.

 photo okbutfirstcoffee_zpsrev8zhrj.jpg

  • A hooded, long-sleeve shirt that says, “Ok. But first, coffee.”

D: I love this shirt. In fact, I hopped in the shower right after we got off the phone yesterday, and then immediately threw it on! It’s especially good for me because I don’t have many thinner long sleeve shirts, and this one is made of that soft jersey t-shirt cotton. Super comfy, and definitely my new favorite!

S: When I saw this shirt, I knew I had to get it for Deborah. She’s a coffee-addict like me, and getting coffee (usually at Starbucks) is a regular occurrence whenever we’re together.

 photo sketchbook_zps47aal9q2.jpg

  • A pretty sketchbook.

D: I’d been wanting some type of hardback sketchbook/notebook to carry with me for my hand-lettering on the go, and this one is perfect! The pages are perforated, and the spiral is up top so it doesn’t get in my way at all. Can’t wait to start filling this with all kinds of creative ideas.

S: I knew I wanted to get Deb something for her to practice her amazing hand-lettering with. I checked out some of the books and tools that Michael’s had but knew they’d put me over budget. Then, when I was in Ross of all places, I came across this really pretty sketchbook and knew it’d be perfect for practicing different techniques.

 photo IMG_2071_zpsmzugss2u.jpg

  • A key chain hand-stamped with, “You’re my person.”

D: I used to kinda collect keychains a long time ago, but lately, I’ve steered away from it. Don’t want to weigh down my keys or screw up my ignition. But this one, is definitely going on my keychain. I love that it’s a constant reminder that Sarah really is my person, and that she’s always there for me, even if we are 238 miles apart.

S: This was, by far, my favorite gift to give. Yes, Deborah and I are those best friends. We speak to each other in Grey’s Anatomy quotes and call each other our “person.” This key chain (which I found on Etsy) is actually half of the one I have and together, they make a heart. The key chain is a daily reminder, when I get in the car or lock the door, that 238 miles away is my person—who is there for me, no matter what. ❤

All in all, I think we both were pretty spot on with our gifts! We both gave things that the other will get plenty of use from, and I especially love that we have the matching keychains (and recipe organizers!) to keep each other close at heart.



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