Favorite Christmas Memories

My favorite Christmas memories don’t revolve around the gifts I’ve received. They aren’t made up of the clothes I wore or the food I ate. Instead, the things that make them my most beloved moments are the people I spent them with.

 photo Favorite Christmas Memories_zpsj76tm95m.jpg

I have a vivid memory of decorating the Christmas tree with my brother when I was about ten years old and he was six. We were in our childhood home and we had been tasked with hanging all of the ornaments on the tree while my mom cooked dinner. I was wearing an oversized purple sweater over black leggings dotted with purple flowers and I had to stand on one of the dining table chairs to reach the top of the tree. I remember Christmas music playing in the background and my brother and I having the most fun singing along as we decorated the tree. It’s my favorite Christmas from my childhood and it’s a memory I cherish.

My favorite adult Christmas is the first one I celebrated with Ryan. We had only been dating for three months, but we already knew that we loved each other. We each had plans to spend Christmas Day with our families so we decided to go out to dinner the night before and exchange gifts. I was terribly nervous about my gift (a pair of tickets to a Tampa Bay Lightning game!) so I wanted to wait until after we ate to open presents. But, Ryan was also very nervous about his gift for me (a gorgeous diamond heart pendant that I’ve literally worn every day since) so waiting till after dinner was torture for him. We survived. 🙂

What made that Christmas so meaningful to me, though, wasn’t the extravagant gifts. It was the fact that Christmas was actually terrible for my family that year, and Ryan, knowing that, embraced me instead of running away. He was there for me when I needed him and it meant the world to me. That Christmas ended up becoming a strong foundation for our relationship and marriage, and I am ever thankful for it.

Now, this year will bring new Christmas memories. We’re spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Ryan’s, so both celebrations are guaranteed to be very special and lots of fun. In fact, this is the first time Ryan’s entire family will be together for Christmas in something like ten years! So there’s that to look forward to, as well.

All in all, I can’t wait for Christmas!

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


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