Packing for a 5 Day Cruise


Ok, y’all, it’s happening. I’m going on a cruise! I’ve never been on one before, and my husband’s grandparents wanted to treat the family to a Christmas cruise next week. Super exciting!

Unfortunately, because I’ve never been on a cruise, I have no idea how to pack for one. I’ve been on plenty of trips- overnights, weekends, weeklongs, 3 weeks, and of course my honeymoon! And being the lady of the house, I’ll be packing for both of us.

I know that we’ve got our two excursions, two full days at sea, and of course the day we leave and the day we return. One night we’ll be having a fancy dinner, so we’ll need to have something nice for that. Apparently the state rooms aren’t very big though. Not a problem, since we won’t be spending a ton of time there anyway. But, that means there’s not a lot of space for luggage. We’re planning to share a suitcase and a garment bag.

Here’s how it’s going down:


His Cruise Packing List

My husband is always easy to pack for.  His outfits are pretty classic. He’s super relaxed, so shorts and t-shirts are most of his wardrobe. These will be perfect for hanging out at sea on the ship and our excursions. We’re taking a segway tour in Nassau and a kayak trip in Freeport. Tennis shoes will be a must for both excursions, but the swimtrunks are a smart idea for the kayaks. The sports coat and slacks will be perfect for the fancy dinner night, and the button ups and jeans will work for the other evenings.


Her Cruise Packing List

My packing list is a little more complicated… I’m the girl who packs an outfit for each day, and then I feel like I’m forgetting something, so I dump a ton more of stuff in too! But, I tried to narrow it down some (probably could narrow it down even more). I’ve got a few tank tops and t-shirts that will work for excursions and out-to-sea days. I’ve got a maxi dress and skirt (perfect for when it’s warm, but you didn’t get a chance to shave!) and a cute sundress for the ship. There’s a nice dress for the fancy dinner night and ankle boots to go with it. Jeans and a cardigan in case it’s a little chilly (my mother-in-law said it can get cool at night on the ship). Tennis shoes for excursions, sandals for casual, and flip flops for everything in between. I read several things online that suggested taking 2 swimsuits so you can wear one while the other is drying, so I’ll pack both of mine.

Of course, you don’t want to forget the basics, like socks, underwear, and some pj’s. Also, if you plan on exercising, throw in a change or workout clothes. Add some basic accessories that can be dressed up or down, and you’re set!

What are some items you have to have when you go on vacation?

Deborahs small signature

Now that I see what I’m packing laid out in front of me, it looks like I might scale it back for sure! Learned something new: seeing your clothes laid out for you makes it much easier to realize just how many outfits you’ve got. And how many you don’t actually need.


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