Top Ten Gifts for your Best Friend

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Hello all! Today’s Friday, which means the weekend is basically here! If you plan to spend it working on your Christmas list, like us, you’re in luck. Today, we have a little shopping inspiration for you with ten of our favorite gifts for best friends! Enjoy! photo IMG_1707_zpspxynfotf.png

  • Judith March “Bestie” Hat: We love Judith March and we love hats! This is the perfect gift for any fun-loving friend. Fashionable but casual—it’ll look great any time of year!
  • This RevlApparel tee. We came across this shirt a couple months ago and it pretty much sums up our #lifegoals. If you have a fellow caffeine-lover and crafter for a best friend, chances are she’ll love this shirt.

 photo IMG_1877_zpso793a5s5.png

  •  photo IMG_1876_zps27jv34jj.pngWhy You’re My Bestie Book: We all know how important our best friends are to us and how important we are to them. The words don’t need to be said. But, sometimes it’s good to have a reminder. This book has all sorts of pages to fill with special memories the two of you share and the reasons why you love your best friend.
  • Anything that says, “You’re my person.” Come on! Who doesn’t love Grey’s Anatomy and the greatest TV friendship there ever was? (I’m talking old-school Grey’s. With the original people. Before they were all killed off.) We binge-watched Grey’s before it was cool and adapted the “you’re my person” phrase as our own. Because it’s true. We LOVE this mug from MugsbyMadKittyMedia with its pretty floral design.

 photo IMG_1875_zpskycddfmw.png

  • BFF To-Do List Art Print: What a great concept! This adorable 8×10 art print is full of activities to share with your bestie! We like the idea of creating your own list and attaching it to a cute clipboard instead of framing it. That way you can mark things off as you go!

 photo IMG_1878_zpsoju8uhzu.png

  • Best Friends Set of 2 Charm Bangles: So, we’re pretty sure that, as a kid, everyone had a best friends bracelet or necklace that split into two pieces. Well, now you can totally have that as an adult too, thanks to Alex & Ani! Their bangles are great for stacking or wearing one at a time. Also, this set is part of their Charity by Design line; for every single one of these sets bought any time in 2015, they donated 20% of the sale price to the American Heart Association.

 photo cbd12bfrs_zpsxsmihc8q.jpg

  • Ceramic Gold Friends Forever Trinket Dish: We love these cute trinket dishes that seem to be catching on everywhere because they’re cute and functional! They’re perfect for holding rings or small earrings that you don’t want to risk losing. And, with this one saying “Friends Forever”, it always makes us think of each other, no matter what the distance.

 photo friendsforeverdish_zps1hkmtbgi.jpg

  • Starbucks Double Wall Tumbler: Starbucks always has cute cups, but around the Christmas season, they pull out all the stops! Both their Dot Collection and the Festive Collection have so many cute options, from tiny espresso cups to beautiful mugs to cute cups to edgy tumblers. We love how bright and cheerful this one is, especially. It’s a great reminder to make today the best day it can be, and, again, it makes us think of each other every time we pull it out of the cabinet.

 photo db_wall_cer_besti_10_us_ca_pdp_zpscy6cnlnu.jpg

  • Handmade Clutch: These clutches are perfect. Let’s face it. You can carry them by themselves, toss them into a tote, or use them when you travel! We’re digging the arrow trend especially right now, but the quote is a good reminder to stay strong: “With Brave Wings She Flies.”

 photo il_570xN.873428328_ip0h_zpsho8feq5y.jpg photo il_570xN.773996203_1yqj_zpshbyplglj.jpg

  • Vertical Photo Holder: This may seem obvious, but who wouldn’t want such a cute simple way to display photos, am I right?! This simple photo holder is perfect for those small bare spaces on the wall, and all it takes to hang it is the one nail/hook for the top. Plus, with the clothespins, you can change out the pictures as often as you like. It’s also great for postcards from your long distance best friend too… *wink*


So, be sure you don’t forget your best friend this Christmas season! Even if you just get her a little something, it truly is the thought that counts. And every best friend deserves a small reminder that you are indeed thinking of her.

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