Monogram Christmas Wreath

I used to not really get the monogram thing. Despite being a born and bred Southern girl, I never had the urge to plaster my initial(s) all over everything. At least, not until I got married! I had a white button-up shirt monogrammed with my married initials so I could wear it for the drive to our honeymoon destination, the morning after our wedding. Ever since then, it’s become a mini obsession. I love showing off my married initial, the letter “P”. We’ve got it on our doormat, and I’ve got a keychain and a bangle with the letter. I decided that our Christmas wreath should be no exception.

Outside of my parents’ house, I’ve never had a wreath or any type of outdoor Christmas decorations. No reason in particular, it’s just not what I grew up with. I’m used to the stockings, tree, and nativity– all indoors. But, since I won’t have a tree this year, I decided I needed at least a little bit of green somewhere.

And what better way to ensure that I’d love my wreath than to make it myself? I actually lucked out and got all the supplies for about $13. I happened to go to Michael’s the other day when they were having a one day sale on wreaths and other Christmas decor items. I also was able to make use of a few items I already had at home.

 photo IMG_1639_zpsdrimaepj.jpg

I used a 24″ wreath, and I wanted to keep it simple. photo IMG_1640_zpsneuuh2yo.jpg I grabbed a few holly picks (I decided against the glitter ones) for some red, the letter “P” of course, and dug out some burlap ribbon I had leftover from our wedding. I also snagged some clear fishing line right out of Andrew’s fishing rod.

I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but I didn’t want to commit, so I laid out a few styles on the floor until I decided on the perfect one.

 photo wreathroughdrafts_zpsulifaokb.jpg

The bow was actually already made: it had been tied to a chair at my wedding. I just trimmed the ends, then tied it on. The picks are made to just shove into place, so that’s exactly what I did! The “P” seemed a little too white, so I grabbed some sandpaper and roughed up all the edges. I then tied it on, showed my hubby, and hung it up.

It was crooked! The way I originally tied the “P” pulled on the wreath, causing it to tilt. I clipped the wire and drafted hubby for his mad knot tying skills. He was also smart enough to wrap the line around the letter several times for added stability. We also moved it a little more inward.

 photo wreathcloseup_zpsrniastuv.jpg

Despite his usual response to Christmas decorations, Andrew was actually impressed and likes the wreath. And I am very happy with how it came out. I think it shows our style, and I like having something from our wedding on it too.

 photo IMG_1654_zpsfwpbkjh7.jpg

Show me what you’ve got hanging on your front door this Christmas season!

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