Turkey Cranberry Wraps

Thanksgiving is almost here! According to facebook, a lot of my friends had early Thanksgiving dinners over the weekend, so you might already be starting to pile up the leftovers. Everyone does the usual turkey and stuffing sandwich or just the basic plate of leftovers, but today, I’m going to show you a twist on that!

I love cranberries, as I’ve mentioned before, so I actually like to make these wraps any time of the year. I discovered that I can get canned cranberry sauce any time of the year, but homemade is still the best. (Did you know that cranberries can be frozen for up to a year? Go ahead and stock up, and you can have homemade all year round!) I also love turkey with my cranberry sauce. On Thanksgiving, I like to get the white meat and rip it into shreds to dip in my cranberry sauce. Throughout the rest of the year though, I use regular deli turkey that you put on a sandwich.

Gather up some tortillas, cream cheese, turkey (Thanksgiving leftovers or deli-style), and cranberry sauce. Smear some cream cheese on your tortilla to hold the turkey in place. Lay out 2-3 slices of turkey on that, then spoon some cranberry sauce over the turkey. If you’re one of those people who prefers the jellied cranberry sauce (which you can also buy year round), it works too. It actually spreads like jelly, so it’s super easy to add to your wraps! After you’ve added everything in, roll it up burrito-style and chow down!

Pair it with a slice of pumpkin pie, and you’ve got the perfect Thanksgiving leftovers lunch.

What’s your favorite way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

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