Current Favorites

Another crazy weekend in the books! How about you? We almost always spend part of the weekend playing catch up, and the other half resting to get ready for the next week. And the new week is here!

Here’s a few things we’re loving at the moment…

Deborah’s loving…

  • Joia’s Grapefruit, Chamomile, & Cardamom Natural Soda. Despite it being November, it’s still kinda warm here in Charleston. And, the A/C is on the fritz at my job. Which means, between higher temperatures and talking for 6 hours straight at a time, I’m usually pretty thirsty when I get off work. And this is my new favorite thirst quencher! I like grapefruit, which is good because it’s the main flavor, but it’s not too strong. It’s a very light flavor. The carbonation gives me the feeling of drinking a soda, but the natural ingredients keep me away from all the unhealthy stuff in your average soda. Win-win!

  • Blindspot. If you haven’t already checked out this awesome new show this fall, hop on Hulu, and get yourself caught up! It’s about this woman that the FBI finds in Times Square covered in nothing but tattoos, including a prominent one on her back of Agent Kurt Weller’s name. It’s an action drama that keeps me and the hubby guessing!

  • This Star Wars sweatshirt. JC Penney has this awesome sweatshirt that I’m hoping to get! I’m a sucker for sweatshirts as the weather cools down because they’re basically the t-shirt of the lower temperatures. They’re perfect because they’re not too thick that you burn up, but they’re thick enough that you don’t need another layer. And I want to have it in time for the new movie next month!

Sarah’s loving…

  • Gratitude journals. As a young girl, I kept a diary. It was a private place for me to write down my most personal thoughts and feelings. Over the years, writing a few random sentences about dreams I had and boys I liked turned into me writing pages about the places I went and people I met. As an adult, I journal to practice the art of gratitude. I purchased the journal you see above a couple of years ago and I love it! Even though I don’t write in it every day, it’s become my way of giving thanks to God for all of the amazing blessings, big and small, in my life. The process is humbling and heartening at the same time. I encourage you to write down one thing you’re thankful for each day, especially during this month of Thanksgiving. You’ll be surprised at how such a small action can change your heart in a big way.
  • Free printables. When it comes to social media, I’m pretty slow. In fact, I only just signed up for Pinterest a couple of months ago! (Don’t judge me.) Since joining, I’ve discovered a lot of excellent resources available from graphic designers and bloggers around the world, many of which are FREE for personal use. You can find everything from weekly meal planners to graphics for your planner. Simply search, “free printables.” Later this week, I’ll even show you how to turn printables into artwork for your home!

  • Having a piano in the house. Growing up, I played piano almost every day for eleven years. (I attended arts schools from elementary to high school and studied piano performance, so it was pretty serious.) Then, I got busy with work and college and didn’t make as much time for it. The piano was a gift from my late grandmother and it’s been at my mom’s house ever since I moved out. When Ryan and I got married, we lived in a small apartment that didn’t have room for a piano. Then, we bought our house and though we had the room, we never got around to moving it. Finally, my mom took charge and arranged to have the piano brought over this past Saturday. (Thanks, Mom!) I had been making do with a keyboard for the past couple of years but nothing beats the sound of a real piano. I’ve really missed it and I am so happy to be able to play again—even if I am terribly out of practice. 🙂

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