Hello, November

IMG_1366It’s November. Already! Can’t believe that in less than two months, it will be a whole new year again. It seems like it was just the start of the new year, then it was summer, then it cooled down a little, and then it was Halloween, and next is Christmas!

But, wait. We missed something.

I love Christmas. Every year, I say I want to throw a Christmas in July party (and one year, I’ll actually do it!), because once a year just isn’t enough! I listen to Christmas music at any time of the year. I’m not one of those people who gets too wrapped up in the season (at least, I don’t think I am…), but I do love Christmas. The music, the lights, the parties, the gifts, the ribbons, the tree, everything! And I do know the true meaning of Christmas, and I try to keep Jesus’ birth forefront in my mind.

But, I married Andrew. He’s not as big into Christmas as I am (don’t worry, though, I’m working on him), but he does have a favorite holiday. It’s one that so many people overlook until the day is here. It’s Thanksgiving. Does he like it because the main event is a big dinner with lots of tasty food? I’m sure he’d be lying if he said that wasn’t at least part of it, but that’s not the main reason.

So many holidays center on gift-giving or getting drunk or kissing someone or eating lots of candy. Thanksgiving is a purely thoughtless and selfless holiday, by definition. Even when people are getting stressed about the Big Dinner, it’s because they’re feeding a big group of people. People offer up their homes to friends and family so that they can spend the day together. They break out their cook books and try to master the perfect turkey, stuffing, and pie crust. Nobody is all gimme-gimme-gimme at Thanksgiving, unless they’re aiming for that last piece of pie.

It’s a time for families to gather together and to take the time to think about how blessed we are. A time to be thankful for the big things and for the little things. A time to recognize how full our lives actually are. A time to just be together. A time to laugh, cry, talk, play, and eat.

So, as we all are coming down from our Halloween candy sugar high, let’s pause a moment. And before we break out the Christmas music and start decking our halls, let’s stop and thank God for our friends and family. The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas can take full reign, for sure! But, until then, join me in spending at least a few minutes each day recognizing this season as a season of thankfulness.

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