Current Favorites

Ah, Monday. It keeps coming back… We hope you had a great weekend, though! Here’s a few things we’ve each been digging lately.

Sarah is loving…

  • Adele’s new single, “Hello.” That’s right. Adele finally has a new album coming out, November 20, and I couldn’t be more excited! I know all of the words to her previous two albums and shamelessly sing along at the top of my lungs (when I’m alone, of course). The video for “Hello” released Friday, and I’ve already watched it several times over. That girl can SING!! Check it out.
  • Toasted Graham Lattes at Starbucks. Goodbye pumpkin spice, hello toasted graham! (Face it, PSL. You and I were never that close, anyway.) The toasted graham latte has been out for a while now but I just tried it for the first time and it’s delicious! Not overly sweet, with fewer calories than my usual go-to, the White Mocha. It’s the perfect treat to warm you up on a cool, fall day. So, I plan on enjoying it, at least until December, the season of peppermint. 🙂
  • She Reads Truth. Joining this online community of women studying God’s Word together has really helped to strengthen my faith and keep me renewed. She Reads Truth provides reading plans to take you through the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter. I subscribed to their daily emails and now I start every morning reading and reflecting on scripture. It’s so awesome to think of all of the women around the world who are reading the same words and focusing on the same truth as I am. Talk about being “like-minded.” SRT even has an app, if you are so inclined. My favorite feature is the Weekly Truth, where readers are encouraged to memorize a scripture each week. I especially love this week’s verse and hope it encourages you, too.

Deborah is loving…

  • TGI Friday’s Endless Apps. When I lived in Jacksonville, Friday’s was a common hangout for Sarah and I. It’s where I discovered the Pink Punk Martini (a martini poured over cotton candy!) and where we watched many college football games on Saturdays. I went to the one across town this past Tuesday with the ladies from my church, and I discovered that the Endless Apps is back! It’s only $10 for one type of app, but for another $2, you can try any of the apps as many times as you want! The only downside is that you can’t share, unless the other person is willing to fork over $12 as well. Didn’t really work for my ladies lunch, but it’d be perfect for watching the game with your best friend!
  • My [mostly] clean house. My parents moved recently, so I finally had to get the last of my stuff out of their house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anywhere at my house to put it, until Andrew finally gave the final shove and we actually figured out where to put most of it. While we were at it, we cleaned a lot all over the house. We no longer have that random pile of clothes on the floor of our bedroom, and it’s great. It makes it much more relaxing to walk into at the end of the day. The living room and the kitchen have also been de-cluttered, and it actually makes me want to do stuff in both rooms. I used to come home from work and be slightly overwhelmed, so I’d just kind of ignore it. Now that it’s clean, I want to use my kitchen and stretch out on my couch.

Star Wars feels.

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  • STAR WARS!!!!! Oh yes, tickets for The Force Awakens have officially gone on sale (and almost immediately sold out in some places!). The December 18th release will be prime time with the holiday season being in full swing. People will need a break from the shopping and visiting, and what better place to take that break than in a galaxy far, far away. Andrew and I are reviewing the previous six episodes by renting each disc from Netflix, and we started with Episode I – The Phantom Menace on Saturday. Nothing says good date night like our Ninja and some good sci-fi.

What are some of your favorite things right now?


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