Crockpot Chili

When Andrew and I got married, we obviously had to register for gifts (definitely one of the most fun parts of wedding prep!). Of the two of us, Andrew is the one who does the most in the kitchen. I mean, I can follow a recipe or whatever, but he actually enjoys cooking. Because of this, he picked out the appliances and gadgets and tools for our kitchen. I certainly had a say, but most of it, I wasn’t overly concerned about it.

Among the toys, we determined we had to have a slow cooker. I voted for an actual Crockpot. I figured, since they’d been around so long that people use the term “crockpot” more than “slow cooker”, we couldn’t really go wrong. Andrew however, actually compared the few models of slow cookers they had in the store, and he decided he wanted the Ninja Cooking System. Now that we’ve used it, I’m so glad we picked this one! It has both slow cooker and stove top settings, so it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

For some reason, though, we didn’t honestly get much use out of it our first cold season. I think it’s because we didn’t use a slow cooker when I was growing up, so I don’t really think of it within my arsenal of cooking options. However, after having weekly dinners at a friend’s house and seeing just how much she used her own slow cooker and how easy it was, I decided that we needed to put ours to better use.

What better way to kick off the cooler temperatures than with a good pot of chili. Perfect for a day at home. Just dump it all in the pot and eat it whenever you’re ready. Because we also can set our Ninja to the “stove top” function, we actually could have dumped everything in while it was raw, it just would’ve had to cook longer. As it was, we went ahead and browned the meat, sauteed the onions, and mixed in the seasoning before hand. We then dumped everything in the slow cooker, turned it on at High for an hour, and boom. After the hour, we made a batch of cornbread and let the chili keep warming for the 15-20 minutes.

And that’s all it took! We then dipped it out into our bowl, added our favorite toppings, and chowed down! One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it’s super filling. Hubby and I were both hungry, but one bowl was enough for each of us. I put cornbread in the bottom of my bowl, a couple scoops of chili, cheese, and some sour cream. And, as tasty as it was and as much as I wanted seconds, I had nowhere in my stomach to put them!

I think we’re planning on trying out some variations on this basic chili recipe throughout the cooler months, but this one is definitely a keeper! What’s your favorite chili recipe?
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