First Taste of Fall

You guys!! It’s here! That wonderful four-letter word that we long for all summer… FALL.

That time of year when the air gets cooler, the leaves change color and being outdoors is enjoyable again! In fact, we Floridians celebrate fall’s coming as soon as the temperature drops below 90 degrees. 🙂

One of the best things about fall—besides football—is the changing menu it brings. All kinds of vegetables, like squash and pumpkin, are in season again and comfort food is all the rage. (Sweet potato casserole, anyone?) But my all-time favorite fall dish is as simple as they come and perfect for a cool day. It’s soup.

I looove me some soup.

You can make it any way you want, with anything you want. There’s chicken soup, potato soup, onion soup—the list goes on. Have you had the autumn squash soup at Panera yet? OH. MY. I’ve got some copycat recipes that I can’t wait to try!

One of my favorite kinds of soup is tomato soup. Everyone makes it differently and I’ve yet to find the perfect technique. So a few days ago, when the high was only 81 degrees, I jumped at the chance to try the latest recipe I’d found.

roasted-tomato-garlic-mozz-soup (1)

image source


This recipe from Prevention magazine was super easy to make and SO GOOD. (Check out the link above for the complete recipe and list of ingredients you’ll need.) First, I roasted the vegetables in the oven for an hour. This made the soup very flavorful; plus, the house smelled amazing!!

IMG_1017 (1)

Then, I combined the vegetables with some tomato paste in my food processor, careful not to pulse the ingredients too long. Following the recipe, I transferred the mixture into a saucepan, and added vegetable broth. (I only used the initial 1 ½ cups of broth, because I like my tomato soup on the thick side.) Finally, I mixed some chopped basil into the soup and melted fresh mozzarella on slices of a baguette. See? EASY.

Here’s the final product.

IMG_1030 (1)

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. And, it tasted great! (I’d even recommend doubling the recipe for more hearty servings or in case you want leftovers.) What’s your favorite kind of soup?


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