Things We’re Loving this Week

Happy Tuesday! Aren’t you glad Monday’s over? 🙂 Here are a few things we’re loving this week.

Sarah loves…

  • IMG_1078CoverGirl’s new “Caramel Kiss” lipstick. (New lipstick = silly selfies.) I picked this up the other day and it’s become my new fave. The color is the perfect shade for fall without being peachy and a great compromise for those of us that can’t, or prefer not to, pull off red lips.
  • The song “Monument” by MUTEMATH. I love, love, love this song. It doesn’t say anything incredibly important or moving; it’s just fun. Catchy and happy and perfect for cruising along to. Pre-order MUTEMATH’s latest album, Vitals, on their website, It releases on November 13th!
  • Taken by Dee Henderson. I literally just finished this book and while it wasn’t my favorite Dee Henderson novel, it was a good story that kept me reading till the very end. Henderson’s mystery-romance novels are usually more fast-paced and action-packed. Instead, she really took her time with the dialogue in Taken. There were some great theological discussions throughout the book and the author used the characters to make a few really profound points (one of the reasons I love reading Christian fiction).

This section really stood out to me:

“God didn’t stop men from hurting me. Does that fact make God not good? I concluded that God was suffering as I was, but He didn’t want to end free will or bring the world to judgment yet, so He permitted what happened. People hurt me, not God. He didn’t divinely rescue me from the world I live in, even though that was within His power. He simply walked each hour and day of it with me, and promised me that justice was coming. And as hard as it was to accept, I reached the point I could accept it. God is Immanuel—‘God is with us.’” (Henderson 109)

Deborah loves…

  • Cold brew coffee. I especially love it because it’s perfect for iced coffee! There’s nothing worse than hot coffee turned cold. If I’m drinking iced coffee, I want it to start out cold! I’ve mastered making a batch in our french press, but, since hubby works from home and drinks his own french press everyday, I’m working on perfecting a recipe for a bulk batch. Stay tuned for that…
  • PlayStation’s Spotify app. Since I don’t have an actual entertainment center, my stereo system is currently sitting unplugged and unused. I love that I can bring up my Spotify account on my PS3 in the living room to have my playlists available for random jam sessions.
  • Hand lettering. If you follow my personal Instagram, then you’ll know how into hand lettering I am now. Ever since I figured out the secret to fake calligraphy, I’ve been obsessed. I love using my new found talent for gifts for friends and family as well, and I’m hoping to design a Christmas card that Andrew and I can send out to people this year.

Just a little late night lettering. #handlettering

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What are some things you’re loving this week?


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